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Seagate 500GB Hard Drives SATAII

Posted By: vincent, posted 2007/04/30 18:59
For all the SEAGATE fans out there, The discount has arrived for the long awaited 500GB Upgrade.

500GB seagate

I have checked a few retailers, They are all prices from $200+

Fluidtek states this is Tuesday's special so I guess it's for 1 day only ends 1-May-07
  • admin2007/05/01 10:34:21
    thats cheap...... nice find again vincent.....
  • ashley70702007/05/01 11:49:19
    Thats a good deal. Well done.
  • nod2007/05/01 17:29:12
    I think Fluidtek had issues with actually getting hold of the HDD's at that price previously. Have they resolved the supply issues?
    If so this is a very good price. Lets hope they can deliver :D
    Nice find Vincent
  • jayne2007/05/01 17:30:35
    Nice one Vincent! Would there be any chance you can add prices and/or retailer names to the thread title? I think it might encourage more click throughs, and also more votes I suppose if you're aiming to get a high temp to win the comp...

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