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Samsung CLP-325W wireless colour laser printer for $167 from estore.com.au

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2011/01/25 19:38
This is a very good price on a wireless colour laser printer. Retailing elsewhere for $300+ so its a bargain at $167. Wireless printers can be annoying to setup but generally once setup they are good (at least until you restart the router)....

Only at this price until mid day tomorrow.
  • Donkey2011/01/25 19:41:19
    Shame that Samsung dont have any give away promo's for this model of printer going on.
  • ninkasi2011/01/25 22:03:45
    Agree is a good price.... would also agree that wifi for a printer is a last resort, but good to have as an option. This printer also has a 10/100 port so can go cabled if available. Comes with starter toners, but not too bad (1,000 page black, 700 page each for the three colours). Toners seem around the $60/70 mark... so also not too bad. Delivery seems fair (in my case $12 to Melb). Memory is small at 32Mb which might impact on ability to print complex pages, but tempting.... ;-)
  • ninkasi2011/01/25 22:31:12
    and the toners are polymer based so colours should be good for a cheap printer.....

    OK - did some more hunting, and a few people have had issues, but most have found it to be a great value printer. They also support linux. I needed a new printer, and had been thinking about a laser. At this price it's about the same price as the toners - even taking into account their being 'starter' jobs. Sold.
  • Donkey2011/01/25 23:38:45
    While checking the price of this it looked like there were compatible toners available for it so that'll reduce the running costs.
  • ninkasi2011/02/07 23:33:45
    This deal was really popular it seems, and took a while for mine to turn up, but estore have extended it - so you can still get this for $167. They are showing it as no stock, but they will probably ship it in if you order one. Saw it advertised in the green guide here, so the price is proably valid until at least this Weds.

    Just set mine up tonight - very impressed. Web front end (default user/password "admin" and "sec00000") so can modify it easily. Has a gui installer as well - need to use one of these as the thing has no physical control panel to speak of. Surprised that the toners came pre-installed -> just pulled a tag off the top one (along with assorted bits of tape, and putting in paper of course) and it was good to go. Even setup a pc running linux - had to download a universal driver from Samsung, but was relatively straight forward (ubuntu - download file, extract to directory, run shell script as root, follow prompts).

    Print quality is really good. Some minor banding perhaps with default quality, but we're not talking a multi thousand dollar unit here. Had read some reviews with people complaining that it would go to sleep but not wake up on being sent a print job - no issue here so far. Wireless seemed to work, but I disabled it and am using physical cable & fixed IP address.

    Physically, it's compact, light and a little plasticy... but frankly I'm amazed at this thing, and would say it's fairly good value at the RRP of $399. Genuine ink for a larger Brother printer, for example one using LC57 cartridges, would cost around the $100 mark for three colours plus black. [One reason to go the OEM stuff such as from Calidad at half that price, but there's a separate topic]. Anyhow, those ink cartridges will do around 400 pages. Maybe. So instead of buying a couple of sets of Brother ink cartridges, I'll probably be able to print around the same number of pages but have a colour laser thrown in for free. When I finally use up the toners, then I may be up for $60 or so per colour - but that will give some 1000 pages per colour and 1500 for black. Seems that refilling is not too hard (pop open a rubber stop or burn a hole in the cartridge, empty out old toner, refill with fresh toner, plug hole, replace chip) with a kit costing around the $100 mark. Do need to be aware that eventually the imaging drum will need to be replaced (lifespan there is around 6,000 pages), and that's not cheap. Actually cheapest I can find online costs more than this printer which of course comes with drum and toners. Hmmm... perhaps I should buy another printer and just use it as spares... ;-)

    Don't get me wrong - at this price range colour prints (eg photos) from an inkjet on the right sort of paper are probably better. But this is good - a page with a photo on it is not saturated with wet ink.... no chance of smudges.... great for general use.

    Don't know if it was a mistake, but my printer is showing up as having 256MB, not 32MB, which is good. That should be plenty for most pourposes. Anyhow, recommended.
  • Donkey2011/02/07 23:53:04
    Good stuff - thanks for the info ninkasi.

    Only issue is that estore are showing none available
  • ninkasi2011/02/08 00:22:18
    Yep - none in stock, but I expect that they will just order more in, which is what happened with mine. Took a few extra days, but it did finally arrive.

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