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Samsung A412 mobile + bluetooth head set delivered for $100.90 at Dstore

$100.90Get deal
Posted By: nod, posted 2008/05/06 09:16
Dstore have put this out as one of the 48 hour specials so the offer is due to expire 8am tomorrow
Now the A412 is not a blinding phone but it is a 3G AND the phone is unlocked. The phone was selling for $400+ in Sept/Oct last year AND it was still locked to Telstra. I suspect that they are bringing out a new model hence the lower price but still a good value phone

And then throw in a bluetooth headset :-)

Dstore are selling the phone/headset for $109.95 ($5.95 shipping fee) but of course if you pay with Paypal you get $15 off!

No cashback though if you use the PP voucher
Expiry date:2008/05/07
  • joelwilliam2008/05/06 16:21:48
    i've been having a read, and while it seems to be a good price, i don't think any of the 3g features work if you are not on the Telstra Next G network. So if you're using other networks, it's just GSM.


  • Keeys2008/05/06 18:34:27
    Correct joel Telstra is the only one that provides the 3G network so don't have a choice on provider as yet. At least with this being unlocked if someone else was to come along you have the option of changing from them.

    I'm really thinking about it my son wants a mobile but we have refused mainly because of the cost of the 3G phones. We were looking at a minimum of $199 till now. So the question is do I snap this up or do I hold out and see if they drop more??
  • nod2008/05/06 18:45:31
    There are plans for the other networks to pick up 3G so if you wanted a well priced 3G phone you could pick this up, use it on PAYG until the other get their act together.
    The fact that Telstra are the only ones with 3G can't last for too much longer .. you hope :o

    Thanks for the Samsung link too Joelwilliam :)
  • nod2008/05/06 18:46:30
    We were looking at a minimum of $199 till now. So the question is do I snap this up or do I hold out and see if they drop more??

    Keeys I think the cost of the 3G phones has to come down but this is a good price for under $100 esp considering you get the headset too and you have the $15 bonus :)
  • Keeys2008/05/06 19:18:56
    Hubby has the same phone and has no complaints, for anyone wanting a personal opinion.
  • Keeys2008/05/06 19:29:56
    can I just asked maybe I missed something ....

    I just went to purchase and I'm wondering the heading says $94.95 delivered, but when I'm going through checkout its coming up as $100.90 after taking the $15 off where did I go wrong?
  • nod2008/05/06 19:43:10
    That is odd - they are advertised as $109.95 inc delivery in the newsletter I received so $15 off that is $94.95 :eek:
  • nod2008/05/06 19:45:48
    Ok in fine print it says $5.95 delivered but when I click thru this morning it said free delivery :eek:
    Not sure why I can get free delivery on this one .... aaaahhhh ok I have a dvd in my cart :D

    Sorry about the confusion - I will edit the op
  • Keeys2008/05/06 19:53:41
  • Keeys2008/05/06 19:55:00
    no worries just spoke to hubby we are going to get to put away for son for b'day, he'll be thrilled cause I'm forever saying I'll never get him one ;)
  • nod2008/05/06 20:14:03
    I am sure he will be happy with it :)
  • nod2008/05/06 20:15:08
    oh and Keeys you need to read your pm's :whistling:

    Your tee has arrived
  • Keeys2008/05/06 20:22:37
    oh lol ....... I have 3 of them pmsl

    Better go read them
  • admin2008/05/07 06:23:55
    I've got a slightly different samsung to this one - good phone. My only complaint is that the menu system isnt particularly smart compared to that of the nokia's and sony erricsons.
  • Keeys2008/05/07 08:36:07
    I have a nokia and hubby got this phone. I got the nokia because I didn't want a flip phone and hubby got this one because he wanted a flip phone. You can see we made or choices based on huge scientific basis ;)
  • admin2008/05/07 16:43:09
    :) - about as scientific as my basis which is that they need to be small and make good phone calls.

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