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Safeway - Freezer Storage Container Plus FREE 1kg Pack Pampas Pastry $9.95

Posted By: craftykiwi, posted 2008/05/31 11:10
Some Safeway stores are currently selling square storage containers for keeping pastry in the freezer.
They are not on special - normal price is $9.95 (or $9.98) - but included is a FREE 1kg packet of Pampas pastry and small recipe/ideas booklet.

The normal price of this pastry is approx. $6.50 so the storage container is effectively $3.50, and it'll save people like me having to find a plastic bag to keep the pastry in once you've opened the packet.
Looks like it'll hold 2 packets of this size pastry.
  • creeno2008/05/31 21:10:40
    yippee, have been waiting for these containers to come back! thanks craftykiwi :)
  • craftykiwi2008/06/04 09:10:16
    Happy to help creeno. Didn't know they'd been around before - thought they were a new idea and a great one at that.
  • khaz0r2008/06/04 09:18:10
    Hmm... at the woolies I work at, nobody buys those. IMO its over priced.
  • craftykiwi2008/06/04 09:20:17
    If you're buying the pastry anyway $4 doesn't seem too bad for a storage container since from experience I've paid that and more for ones of a similar size.

    Then again if there's plenty in stock becasue no one's buying them you could wait until they reduce them to clear them out and get it even cheaper.
  • craftykiwi2008/07/07 18:16:23
    Saw these reduced at a store near us the other day.
  • Keeys2008/07/07 18:55:24
    I just bought a decor one with the special last week it was $4.50, so usually $9.00. Just to give people an idea :)

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