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ROBO SAUR $69.95

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Posted By: nod, posted 2006/10/30 09:14
Now is this a bargain?? Not 100% sure - can't seem to find another price for it anywhere (if you find one - please post)
But it is cool. Looks like lots of fun and for $69.95 - not including your Bucksoop cashback - it would make a great present.

Looks like about $8 shipping to Central Sydney - easy to calculate on the site.
I think these will sell fast so you might want to be quick
  • admin2006/10/31 22:03:17
    These things went off last christmas. Remember reading an article on it where in the UK there was two month waiting lists on backorders. Have never seen one but it appeals to my stupid side. The original list price was way over $70 and they're still selling for $70 in the US and £60 in the UK so its not a bad deal.

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