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Rivers - All Women's tracksuit Pants $10 - Starts 16/4/10

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Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2010/04/15 16:31
All Women's tracksuit Pants $10

This offer is available between Friday 16th of April and Monday 19th of April only.
Expiry date:2010/04/19
  • lisss2010/04/15 17:01:04
    Last time this sale was on was a disaster for me :( I ordered some online, when delivered 1/2 my order was missing as 'sold out' which really annoyed me as I would not have paid $8 postage for 2 pairs whereas I was willing to for 4 pairs. I would have wanted to cancel my order, or just choose alternative styles/colours. I contacted Rivers about this but did not get a satisfactory response, they seemingly couldnt or refused to understand why I was annoyed.

    Of the 2 pairs I got, one is really itchy and uncomfortable and the other is comfortable but everything sticks to it because of the material so it looks like it's fluff covered within seconds :(

    So.... while I think buying instore is ok, I would not use rivers online again, especially not for tracksuit pants during a sale!
  • vipulrm2010/04/15 17:12:25
    Whoops. That is not what I needed to hear. I have ordered two pairs of kids shoes online. I hope I get them nice and fine...
  • ufohunter2010/04/15 17:35:22
    I agree with lisss' comments. My wife ordered a few pairs of jeans when they were on special and but only one pair was delivered. The postage made not worthwhile. When I emailed about it, them they didn't even have the courtesy to reply.
  • kazyazy2010/04/15 18:01:35
    I have ordered from them about 8 times and have only had one item missing once.
  • labgirl2010/04/15 18:30:34
    I haven't purchased online however last track pant sale I purchased two pairs in store and both pairs shrunk so far lengthwise they were unwearable (and I only used cold water):mad:
  • golfwidow2010/04/15 20:10:41
    I haven't bought track pants or clothing but kids shoes several times and never had a problem but they do warn you AFTER you pay that what Lisss said might happen which I think is fishy.
  • kazyazy2010/04/15 20:43:23
    They don't seem to have a site that keeps track of stock numbers which lets them down I think.
  • vipulrm2010/08/02 21:42:26
    I know this is too late, but just wanted to say that everything was fine with my order.

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