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Return flight to Los Angeles from $1388. Offer ends tonight

Posted By: jackyblue, posted 2009/02/06 07:39
That's cheap
Offer ends 12pm 6th Feb - includes taxes etc.
Travel period 1st March - 15th June
Departure from Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane
Expiry date:2009/02/07
  • baz1232009/02/06 11:26:27
    It is cheap, but V Australia have been having lots of problems with the delivery of their planes from Boeing, and as a result have changed lots of people's flights from the original time/date to other time/dates, or even to other carriers. I was booked to fly with them to LA in December, but was moved by them to Qantas flights at another time (though same days). I know other people report having booked flights, only to then find out by *them* calling V Australia, that their flight times have changed and that they're no longer on direct flights. So be prepared for a bit of a runaround!
  • jackyblue2009/02/06 12:14:52
    Mystery bargain flight to LA - leaving anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

    They didn't mention that on their website. Thanks for the info baz123
  • joelwilliam2009/02/06 17:43:47
    You do make it sound exciting tho jackyblue, you should email Richard and ask him for a job in marketing. :)
  • jackyblue2009/02/09 02:11:07
    hahaha - very funny. I thought you had to be 20, blonde & gorgeous or 20, gay & hot.
    Thing is ... I'm not 20.

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