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Remote control Apache Attack Copters $59.80 at C.O.T.D

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/08/22 07:34
I think this is a pretty good deal and they look like a load of fun.
You get 2 remote control helicopters that can actually shoot at each other.
COTD have supplied a video for you to see how they move around.
If you were planning to buy a Father's Day gift then I think this is way better than a new shirt!
Expiry date:2007/08/23
  • nod2007/08/22 22:35:00
  • sab9882007/08/22 23:01:16
    these look ausome

    Really good if u have some spare time on ur hand to go to the park and kick some arse :D
  • admin2007/08/23 01:27:11
    :D - wonder what they shoot at each other.
  • scatman002007/08/23 05:20:37
    FWIW: A lot of COTD's products can be found on DealExtreme, for less.
    $US42.80 inc Shipping.
  • admin2007/08/23 08:13:56
    do they charge shipping on bigger stuff scatman? There's another thread on here where people were getting the shipping free.
  • scatman002007/08/23 18:15:58
    All the prices listed on their site include shipping :) Even big item :w00t:
  • nod2007/08/23 22:07:16
    Cool!!! Nice find there Scatman00

    So with the exchange rate you would get them delivered to Oz for about $50
    If you do not get hit for GST on the way in!

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