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Region free, DivX, MP4, Karaoke, Dolby Digital 5.1, USB, DVD Player, $39.80 @ Catch of the Day

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Posted By: fishmonkey, posted 2009/01/26 14:43
here's another cheap full-featured DVD player:

* Massive Format Support:
* Comprehensive Inputs and Outputs:
o USB Input watch your DiVX movies, listen to MP3 straight from your thumb drive!
o Dolby Digital AC-3 5.1 Channel Output Coaxial/Optical
o Dual Mic Inputs for Karaoke!
o S-Video output
o RGB/YUV output, Progressive scan/Pb, Pr output
* Full Function Infrared Remote Control
* Supports wide-screen and letterbox conversion for 16:9 video on 4:3 display
* Parental lock
* Multiple Zoom Function
* Automatic PAL and NTSC adjustment

shipping $9.95 to most states, $12.95 to WA/NT...
Expiry date:2009/01/27
  • wheadle2009/01/26 22:37:53
    Still a bit suss about COTD after the mess they made of those sales last year. The 30 day warranty puts me off too. Good price if it keeps working on you I guess :D
  • lilpretzel2009/01/27 08:09:06
    Oh no cashback :confused:
  • queenshrew2009/01/27 09:20:08
    Yeah, not keen on buying electronics from them. Chances of the items breaking down and not getting replaced puts me off :(

    Things that do not break down should be ok though..
  • bigal2009/01/27 09:58:21
    aldi's dvd player has DivX & USB support.. if I'm not mistaken, its on par with the features offered by cotd, last one I bought was < $40 and I think they have them on sale regulraly.
  • ozpete2009/01/27 10:10:40
    Might be worth checking out Binglee - no postage and they have been clearing out name brands - 12 months warranty like Toshiba, LG Pioneer for Divx players from $55. Plus no gamble with COTD service

    the name brands seem to have better DIVX implementation according to whirlpool and DTV forums
  • bluntman2009/01/27 14:20:20
    Is there any way of knowing if that player as vga output, it says grb but doesnt identify if that is via vga or component leads

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