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Refurbished iPod shuffle 512MB @ Apple $44 + 2.05% cashback

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2007/02/08 16:47
A nice cheap little shuffle refurb at apple. You can buy new generics for less than this but then they're not apple are they. Be good as a present for someone who you know will kill it quickly and wants to have a brand (not that I'm thinking teenage sons and daughters really)

Dont forget to login if you want the apple cashback. To find the shuffle go to the store and the refurb ipods on the left hand menu.

Holds up to 120 songs
12-hour rechargeable battery
22 grams
0.8 cm thin
Built-in USB connector
Apple earphones
  • admin2007/07/03 20:45:28
    I'm going to expire this deal as your better off buying the 1 gig shuffle they have in there for $59 rather than this one with half the capacity....

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