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Refurbished 6GB iPod mini at Apple $79 PLUS 3 % cashback

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/08/18 10:35
It is a refurb unit but Apple do give them a good going over (in a good way!) before they sell them on and they come with a 1 year limited warranty.
We can't deep link with Apple so click thru to the deal, head to the refurb ipod's and the 6GB mini appears 2/3 down the page

Green or blue to chose from

02/12/2007 - have edited the deal as the price has dropped from $179 to $79 which I reckon is a pretty good effort.
  • nod2007/08/19 01:35:43
    Some useful info on the refurb units:

    Apple Certified Reconditioned Products
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    (1) What are Apple Certified Reconditioned Products?

    Apple Certified Reconditioned Products are pre-owned Apple products that undergo Apple's stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. These products have been returned under Apple's Return and Refund Policies. While only some units are returned due to technical issues, all units undergo Apple's stringent quality refurbishment process.

    (2) What should I expect when I purchase an Apple Certified Reconditioned Product?

    * Substantial savings
    * A fully functional unit with complete documentation
    * The assurance that the unit meets Apple's premiere quality standards, and that its defective components have been replaced by genuine Apple components
    * The risk that your unit may present minor cosmetic imperfection, such as scratches, marks, discolouration, etc.

    (3) Can I purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan for my Apple Certified Reconditioned Product?

    All Apple Certified Reconditioned Products are covered by Apple's One-Year Limited Warranty. For extended coverage, you have the option of purchasing the AppleCare Protection Plan with your Apple Certified Reconditioned Product. The AppleCare Protection Plan extends the complimentary coverage on your Apple Certified Reconditioned Product to up to three years of world-class support.

    For your convenience, we have placed the appropriate AppleCare Protection Plan at the bottom of each product collection on the Apple Certified Products page.

    Close this window
  • nod2007/08/20 17:12:47
    Just bought one of these myself :D
  • sab9882007/08/20 17:23:15
    congrads nod ... lets us know wen u get it ;)
  • nod2007/08/20 17:24:46
    will do. I got a shuffle a year or so back for my sis and it was in excellent condition.. no marks at all.
    And knowing me I will put my own scratches on it within 3 seconds so I am not that bothered :D
    Probably drop it out of the box!
  • nod2007/08/20 17:25:09
    And I am sure your Boogie man sig gets bigger every time I see it!
  • sab9882007/08/20 17:27:55
    lol .. well im the boogey man :P
  • nod2007/08/20 18:00:44
    you get closer and scarier??
  • schlemster2007/08/20 20:11:05
    what colour you get nod? hope not the green. that aint pretty
  • nod2007/08/20 20:26:22
    Blue for me :)
  • nod2007/09/02 17:38:15
    I am very happy with my little refurb and they are still available in the refurb store for those that are interested :)
  • admin2007/12/02 19:57:07
    You should have waited Nod - they've dropped them to $79. Was just reading a little about them. Released in 05 the 6gb mini had a few mods to make the low end bass etc stronger - a complaint about the first release was that they were a little weak.
  • Brad2007/12/02 20:09:26
    Here is Elegant's Tip on how to get a $25 discount at the Apple Store if you are a new customer and are spending over $249.

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