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Purchase 3 DOLMIO sauces and get a free baking dish - IGA

Posted By: bluntman, posted 2008/08/06 09:49
was in IGA last night and they had a dolmio promotion, purchase 3 dolmio sauces and get a free glass baking dish. The sauces were about 2.60 each. There were about 10 baking dishes left on the stand
  • lilpretzel2008/08/06 11:31:13
    Cheers bluntman, is this at every IGA store?

    Good value. :D
  • bigal2008/08/06 13:08:37
    rang dolmio (what else are you gonna do at work :P) and asked about this. the promotion finished 1/8/08 now its only avaiable at certain stores while stocks lasts.... didnt understand what the guy was saying and he wasnt too keen and chirpie like other customer service people so didnt ask any furhter.

    best bet is to ring your local IAG stores first and ask if they still have any of these things.
  • lilpretzel2008/08/06 13:29:16
    Great work bigal, might suss mine out tomorrow.

  • nlafanclub2008/08/06 21:51:55
    I'm too lazy to go out of my way to an IGA :(

    'course I don't really need a baking dish either ;) but really great deal for those who want and can still get one! Hot, even if it is expired!

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