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Pumpkin Patch - The big Patch sale - Up to 40% off - in store & online

Posted By: blossom, posted 2008/12/28 14:08
Up to 40% off
  • admin2008/12/28 21:03:24
    Thanks Blossom.
  • blossom2009/01/11 01:20:14
    Glad to share/post
  • lisss2009/01/11 14:12:35
    Just a warning to everyone re past experiences, PP have been very bad with their online sale orders - they allow you to order and then don't tell you a lot is out of stock, in some cases a month later people received 1 or 2 out of 20 items ordered. I would not use their online sale, only go instore...
  • snoozin992009/01/11 15:37:52
    As someone who has bought off a number of pumpkin patch online sales over the years, you really have to get in quick. I personally have never had a problem getting items on sale. They deliver quick too. The quality is so good. Stuff washes really well. Most items have been handed down to DD #2 and are still in good nick considering how much wear DD#1 got out of them. If you can get coats/jackets at sale prices they are really worth it.

    I am waiting for Target clearance sales? Does anyone know if they have started? You can pick up heaps of kiddies clothes for $5 per item.

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