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Prescription glasses and sunglasses from US$17 posted to Australia!!!

Posted By: MamaK, posted 2008/07/01 20:10
Zenni Optical offers completes lenses and frames from the crazy price of US$8 with shipping to Australia a flat rate of US$9.

I've linked to the review of this company I wrote below but if you can't be assed to read it I'll just say I am extremely happy with mine and will be getting a couple more pairs with tinted lenses for outdoors.
  • MamaK2008/07/01 20:11:39
  • craftykiwi2008/07/01 21:05:17
    Thanks MamaK. Ordered hubby's last week so am eagerly awaiting for them to arrive to see what they're like.
  • MamaK2008/07/01 21:34:21
    Mine took a couple of weeks but I have heard of some people receiving their's in 10days! Hope yours turn up quickly crafty :)
  • smachel2008/07/02 12:04:15
    This sounds like a fabulous buy!
  • scheps2008/07/02 22:49:41
    feels weird buying glasses without trying them on. but its soo cheap!
  • nod2008/07/20 18:27:44
    so who took the plunge with this merchant?
    Feed back appreciated cos my dad was looking to give it a go :)
  • queenshrew2008/07/20 19:47:07
    so who took the plunge with this merchant?
    Feed back appreciated cos my dad was looking to give it a go :)

    This link might help:
    Essential Baby Forum

    I, myself am a happy customer.

    It seems like complicated prescriptions have more room for error.
    Straightforward prescriptions, regardless of strength seem to be good.
    Astigmatism prescriptions are good.
    Sunnies (tinted) are good too.

    It seems they do some grinding for extra $, so if your prescription is strong it might help to pay extra for that.

    I have no hesitation buying from them again, and have recommended Zenni to everyone. :D
  • ozpete2008/07/21 01:34:09
    Bought a pair of Bifocals. They were around $30, manufacture was fine, just dont like bifocals, so for $30 found out something that would have cost me hundreds to find out.

    Finish was good, with a higher script meaning thicker lens, the supplied lens were bevelled at the edges which gives the illusion they are not as thick and they placed the lens in the centre of the frame, again reducing the thickness impact. Something my local budget eyewear store said they couldn't do. All this from a cheap supplier!!!

    Will definitely use again when I need a new pair again. Just be sure that the optometrist gives you a script that is fine. Again my budget eyewear script was a bit off, I went to another optometrist for a second script and used that for the order.
  • dustbunni2008/12/12 18:10:26
    Recieved my second order today

    10 days from order to delivery so im happy with that

    even better 12 pairs of glasses for reading for $105.00

    no more crying when a pair of glasses get broken or sat on at that price

    i bought 2 pairs the first time to see what the quality etc were like and was impressed

    Just got the pain script ones /single vision $8 and they are great

    12 pair for approx 100$ you can have fun with your colours and designs

    :xmas9: :xmas9: happy customer here :xmas9: :xmas9:
  • MamaK2008/12/12 20:37:27
    nice bargain there dustbunni! It's a shame the dollar is so bad, it was worth US97c when I ordered!

    Im still happy with the two pairs I bought, I've been looking at buying from Zenni again for sunglasses but couldn't actually find anything I like so will report back once the others are here :)

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