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Pre-owned Nintendo DS only $69 @ EB Games

$69.00Get deal
Posted By: nod, posted 2009/01/14 21:36
Great price for a secondhand item that includes 12 months warranty.
New you are looking at $200 or so
They seem to have quite a bit of stock available in WA. I did not check the other states

Sale until the end of the month or when sold out (obviously)
Expiry date:2009/01/31
  • kazyazy2009/01/14 21:48:32
    They are available at 30 stores in VIC. Thanks Nod I will have to go check it out my daughter really wants one of these.
  • MamaK2009/01/14 21:53:15
    it's a ds not ds lite- still great price :)
  • Keeys2009/01/14 21:59:28
    I might have to look into this Master 2 stood on master 10s and crackedall the screen. We have been holding out for the new one but seems its still going to be a while off so this could do nicely in the mean time :)
  • kazyazy2009/01/14 22:00:41
    haha I don't even know the difference between the two which one is better? :confused: Thanks MamaK
  • ntowill2009/01/14 22:00:45
    Also if you wanted to save even more, if you sign up to the WEBMAIL service you get a 15% Off Voucher for your next purchase within 7 days.

  • kazyazy2009/01/14 22:02:30
    Excellent thanks for that ntowill :thumbsup:
  • ntowill2009/01/14 22:02:40
    Just had a closer look at this and the conditions are:

    "Excludes hardware. Valid for 7 days"

    So can't use it on the console unfortunately :( but can at least buy some cheap games for it :D
  • kazyazy2009/01/14 22:04:16
    Oh well it will still work on buying some DS games thanks ntowill:D
  • voteoften2009/01/14 22:29:09
    it's a ds not ds lite- still great price :)

    Someone else has already asked this question - can anyone explain the difference between the ds and the ds lite?:D
  • wheadle2009/01/14 22:41:08
    Voteoften the DS lite is a a sleeker new model I think. Better screen, lighter. Play the same games though. DS may be better for kids as less likely to break :D
  • kazyazy2009/01/14 22:54:55
    thanks wheadle
  • wheadle2009/01/14 22:58:07
    no worries :) if it is for the kids the ds is a good buy
  • voteoften2009/01/14 23:17:39
    thanks wheadle
  • stilted2009/01/14 23:31:32
    Lighter +smaller size + better quality screen + longer battery life (Ds Lite)

    I had the original one and then upgraded to lite. The old one the battery lasted about 4 hours and newer one 6+ hours

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