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Pizza Hut - New Pizza range Pizza Mia $5 each for 3

Posted By: NoosieB, posted 2009/06/18 15:30
Pizza Hut have a new pizza range called Pizza Mia which is a medium sized Pizza, topped right to the edge and is available in 5 combinations - Chicken, Pepperoni, Cheese, Beef and Veggie.

If you buy 3 or more Pizza Mia's it's $5 each. Or if you just order the one, its $6.95. This is available everyday and no discount code or coupons for this one.
  • Tran2009/06/18 17:13:07
    i wonder how big they actually are. theres only 4 slices per pizza. i'd stick with the large ones.
  • golfwidow2009/06/18 17:15:07
    On the ad it says they are 9" in diameter.
  • melscott282009/06/18 19:45:01
    :cry: Not fair i wish we had Pizza Hut still!

    Does anywhere in wa still have it?
  • bigal2009/06/21 20:19:04
    On the ad it says they are 9" in diameter.

    how does that actually compare to the normal pizzaz they used to/still sell?
  • sunrise35002009/06/25 10:07:46
    dominos with a $5 / $5.50 coupon sounds like a better deal.
  • bigal2009/06/25 10:19:45
    does anyone know what the diameter of the normal pizzas are?
  • golfwidow2009/06/25 10:33:12
    I have no idea as we don't have PH here. Tried to Google it but haven't come up with anything yet.
  • queenshrew2009/06/25 11:45:39
    You said the pizza is 9" in diameter, well 9" would be the size of a PERSONAL pizza :)
  • kingyubbo2009/06/26 04:15:59
    Normal Large Pizza's are 12"
  • normie2010/05/12 18:02:44
    Currently you can get 3 for $13, pick up only - limited time.


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