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Pioneer iPod double dock - $199 plus approx $15 shipping - Doorbuster.com.au

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Posted By: Pookie, posted 2012/04/02 16:30
This is a cool docking station...not just because I have one but because it sounds great for a smallish unit, takes 2 iPhones/iPods at the same time and it's currently less than half price of what it normally sells for.

Yes, there are cheaper docks out there but this is a good solid unit that also doubles up as an internet radio via LAN and has the functionality to upscale the mp3 audio track so the music sounds even better. It also has Bluetooth connectivity so you should be able to play music that's on the iPad too, although I have not tried that yet.

Worth a look...especially if you and your partner/mates/mum etc want to automatically shuffle music between 2 iPhones/iPods.
  • pqhf4632012/04/02 17:19:54
    It’s $192.76 after entering a Everyday Rewards (that Woolies loyalty card) number for a 10% discount. $15.18 for shipping.

    ($199+$15.18) * 0.90 = $192.76
  • Pookie2012/04/02 17:27:45
    Thanks pqhf463, even better.

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