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Paypal - Various discount codes.... eg spycam for US$11.76 delivered

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/11/02 21:36
Get a discount on orders or get a freebie using the various codes on offer now for some of the more popular 'cheapie' sites like dealextreme. Great for those christmas presents (or stocking fillers). For example, for US$13.06 you can get a 2MP camera that is a web cam or can operate as a standalone sound activated spycam if you plug in a memory card. With the code, that's US$11.76, including shipping.




Expiry date:2010/12/31
  • frogduck2010/11/02 22:29:28
    dragonext's prices look massively inflated since last time i saw them. Other than that, good deals :)
  • spodosaurus2010/11/03 21:44:03
    if it's a true md80 camera it's great for model rocketry and the battery life is quite good :) works well, and great for the price. You supply your own micro SD card.
  • ninkasi2010/11/03 22:14:22
    Definitely an MD80 *but* a clone of the original "AEE" design. So dang close in specs etc you'd have to assume that they come from the same factory in China. The cheapie has a plastic case (versus metal) but possibly better quality video (720*480 instead of the original 640*480). The 2MP claim on Tinydeal is, I suspect, optimistic - most claim at best it's around the 1.3mp mark. Maybe you can do something with interpolation to make the images slightly better. Smoke and mirrors though - I'm more interested in the video aspect anyway.

    You can buy them on eBay for around this price.... in fact I have - just waiting for it to arrive. The rocket is a nice idea - I plan to stick it on the remote controlled car... ;-)

    Oooh... maybe a helium balloon on a some cotton - get a birds eye view of the house.... all sorts of possibilities when talking about something that costs so little... heck, could stick it to the front bumper of the car and get a pretty exciting video there..... ziploc bag and take it under water..... and if it gets smashed, the memory card will probably survive.

    Will give a mini review when it arrives.

  • ninkasi2011/03/25 21:31:16
    Realised I had forgotten to update about the camera. Small, quality of the video excellent - in particular as a web cam. Very simple to use..... drawbacks - fairly plasticky, inserting memory card a little tricky (have heard of people accidentally inserting memory card and it drops into the case itself), hard to tell if you are recording what you want (no screen of course), can be hard to tell if it's recording (need to watch the little blue led), some jerkiness to video (but suspect that was due to my old memory card - would recommend a class4 or better), date/time stamp annoying and apparently can't get rid of without hacking the firmware.

    Overall though - happy with the thing for the price.

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