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Panasonic - Bonus Panasonic Tough Cordless Phone with selected cordless phones

Posted By: kickling, posted 2009/11/20 09:03
Panasonic is offering consumers a fantastic Cordless Phone Christmas Bonus just in time for summer.

With any purchase of selected Panasonic Cordless Phones, consumers can receive a bonus Shock & Splash-resistant handset, valued at $99.95rrp via redemption.

Consumers looking for the latest digital cordless phones to stay in touch with family and friends these summer holidays will find Panasonics popular DECT cordless phone range has the right model to suit their familys needs.

From 1 November until 31 December 2009, simply purchase one of the selected models from Panasonics stylish DECT range including KX-TG8322ALB, KX-TG8322ALW, KX-TG8323ALB, KX-TG8323ALW, KX-TG7341ALT, KX-TG7343ALT or KX-TG6482ALT from a participating retailer to receive the bonus Shock & Splash handset (KX-TG648ALT).

Valued at $99.95rrp, the new digital shock-, splash- and dust-resistant cordless phone handset is ideal for active Australian families and perfect for connecting with friends over the holiday season.

Thanks to its tough design, the Shock & Splash can go anywhere in your home, including the garage, kitchen, garden or even around the pool so its ideal for the busy, outdoor lifestyle.
Expiry date:2009/12/31
  • fishmonkey2009/11/20 15:46:57
    for those who don't know, DECT handsets have made a bit of a resurgence largely because they operate in a lower frequency band which has less potential to interfere with computer wireless access points...
  • kickling2009/11/20 16:12:00
    yup, more specifically, your common wireless modems and routers will use 2.4GHZ frequency ... so make sure you choose a cordless phone which is NOT 2.4GHZ.

    The Panasonic phones above are 1.8GHZ frequency so should not interfere with your wireless computer equipment.
  • thanratt2009/11/20 21:00:39
    All useful info which I didn't know before thanks!
  • Donkey2009/11/21 22:18:22
    From the looking around I did a while back there seems to be very few modern devices that use the 2.4 or higher spectrum. I only ever found ones on the 1.8 gig.
  • fishmonkey2009/11/22 00:56:49
    yeah, it looks like Uniden Australia have recently dropped all their 2.4GHz models, which for several years were the most common...

    their current range is DECT variants (1.8GHz) and 5.8GHz models...

    the most common wireless standard in people's homes is currently 802.11g, which uses the 2.4GHz spectrum... however the faster 802.11n standard is becoming increasingly common, and it uses the 2.4GHz and/or 5.8GHz ranges...

    apparently some 5.8GHz models actually use 5.8GHz from base to phone, and 2.4GHz from phone to base, to lower battery usage...

    btw, bluetooth and microwaves also operate on the 2.4GHz spectrum...
  • Donkey2009/11/23 05:28:41
    btw, bluetooth and microwaves also operate on the 2.4GHz spectrum...

    Ha - never knew microwaves were on 2.4Ghz. Makes me laugh. So a high power 2.4ghz wave cooks you fast does the low power one cook you slow.
  • kickling2009/11/23 09:59:25
    Hehe ... lower Ghz means deeper penetration, so maybe cooks you evenly all the way through ^_^

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