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Panasonic 42 TH-42PWD8WK Plasma TV @ MSY $1699

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2007/07/12 06:32
I still absolutely hate their crappy site, but credit to them for some of their prices.

This is a very good price. Otherwise selling for around 2200.

Its in the Clayton Store in Vic - and I dont actually know what their delivery policy is. I normally boycott them because I find the site offensive.
  • nod2007/07/12 21:35:47
    The RRP listed on the Panasonic site is $2799
  • enthusiast2007/07/12 22:55:07
    The RRP listed on the Panasonic site is $2799

    That's a great price! Save $1100 (inc. GST :-)
  • admin2007/08/23 17:39:30
    I see this TV is still showing up on the MSY site. Surprised - I would have thought it would have sold out by now.
  • nod2007/08/23 17:52:12
    Hey that is a surprise.
    You would have thought that they would have sold out!
  • admin2007/10/04 00:58:18
    and its still there .... whats wrong with it? Pretty amazing price. Might have to do some research - find out what the model is like.

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