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OZSTOCK - Laptop Cooling Pad, $15.98 + Buckscoop Cashback

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Posted By: fishmonkey, posted 2009/10/26 11:29
these have a fan (and a silly blue LED) that run from USB power... the unit also has a fan speed control, on/off switch and an extra USB port (what kind of USB port isn't mentioned anywhere though)...

they are about the size of a 15" laptop...

* Unit size: 365 x 290 x 54mm
* Unit weight: 0.73kg
* Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
* Speed: 750-1500 rpm
* Air Flow: 23 - 44 CFM
* Noise Level: 11 dBa(Min)
* Rated Current: 0.4A (Max)
* Voltage: 5V DC (USB powered)
* Power: 2W

14 day money back guarantee, but only 3 months warranty...

you can pickup if you are around the western suburbs in Sydney, otherwise shipping is $9.98
Expiry date:2009/10/27
  • admin2009/10/26 18:25:25
    I tried a laptop cooler not that long ago - very similar to this one. It worked to reduce the laptop temp to workable levels but was a bit noisy even at 11Db. The idea of plugging it into the USB is a little wierd - you need it on the power or it drains your battery. You also pretty much need an external keyboard / mouse as the coolers are a bit of a lump. I think next time I'd just buy a small fan and direct it onto the exhaust area.

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