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Options Plus (large sizes) at Target 15% off voucher in New Idea + already 20% off instore = 35% off

Posted By: Keeys, posted 2007/11/14 04:19
There's a voucher in New Idea this week for 15% off this range which is also already discounted by 20% starting tomorrow for a week, and there's no conditions on the voucher to say it can't be used...so a total of 35% off.
  • nod2007/11/15 00:02:31
    So do we need to buy the latest New Idea to get the voucher Keeys?
  • Keeys2007/11/15 00:06:41
    Yes you'd need to buy the mag I don't think they would like us pinching the voucher hehe ;)

    No idea how much the mag is these days? But if you were planing on buying a few things it would be worth it.
  • nod2007/11/15 00:26:11
    15% off is pretty good. I think they are at least $5
    So if you don't normally buy the mag you would need to weigh up the cost against the discount
    So the 15% off would need to get you more than $5 - so you would need to spend $35 to get a $5 discount which only just covers the mag cost
  • lisss2007/11/15 01:06:09
    It says "Hot Options large sizes" - does that mean the voucher is only valid for large sizes!????
  • Keeys2007/11/15 07:31:37
    Sorry lisss I've just changed the heading their larger sizes are called options plus and regular sizes hot options. Sorry for the confusion :(

    So yes its only larger sizes I think its aprox 16 upwards (not that I consider a 16 large :( )

    here is a link to the target catalogue if anyone wants an idea on prices of some items http://www.target.com.au/html/catalogue/12n7/12n7p18.htm
  • lisss2007/11/16 01:28:12
    Oh ok! I can't use it then! Not sure if that warrants a :( or a :) LOL

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