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Open a free online savings account and get $40 cashback!!

Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/06/07 00:00
I thought I would let everyone know that if they open a Bankwest Telenet online savings account, Buckscoop will give you $40 in cash in your Buckscoop account just for opening a free savings account with Bankwest!

Winner of the 2007 Money Magazine Gold award for Best Term Deposit 'Short Term' and 'Long Term' for a bank, Bankwest still has Australia's highest 12 month variable intro rate savings account, at an outstanding 6.80%p.a. for the first year. Aside from our great rates, we make it our priority to offer a range of simple, straight forward products that offer our customers good value, are easy to open and offer a genuine better deal so you can benefit from higher conversion rates.

** Just a quick note to say:
1. deal not expired
2. you now get $40 instead of $28
  • nod2007/06/07 18:44:17
    Voted hot! Thanks for the tip Brad. Bankwest are a reasonably new merchant on Buckscoop. $28 is not a fortune but I think the banks take enough in fees - time they gave us a little for a change :D

    Here is some info from Bankwest:

    Absolutely no fees
    No minimum deposit
    Access your account 24/7 via Online Banking
    Go to rate of 6.25%p.a. after 12 months

    Which makes it a pretty good bank account too
  • ashley70702007/06/07 23:01:27
    Super Hot!!! Unfortunately I signed up last week. :(
  • nod2007/06/08 00:04:00
    Through Buckscoop Ashley7070 or elsewhere?
  • ashley70702007/06/08 11:58:06
    Through Buckscoop Ashley7070 or elsewhere?

    I wish it was from Buckscoop, the deal was not available then. I would not mind getting $28 just for signing up.

    I went straight to the Bank West website. Damn, a week too early.
  • admin2007/06/08 18:38:31
    I wish it was from Buckscoop, the deal was not available then. I would not mind getting $28 just for signing up.

    I went straight to the Bank West website. Damn, a week too early.

    ahhhh - thats a shame.

    ANZ do an offering as well - but we havent managed to get them on here yet. I'll see what I can do and maybe you can sign up for dual accounts :D

    am impressed with the temperature of this deal brad. Be interesting to know what voting power others here have.
  • nod2007/06/08 19:53:02
    I still only have a few degrees :( me thinks there are a few members that have WAY more than me :D

    Damn... will need to see if I can rig the voting :o
  • jayne2007/06/09 09:57:17
    Hope you can get an ANZ one admin :)

    Thanks for this deal post brad! Getting nice and hot

  • nod2007/06/09 20:16:45
    Yes it is getting lovely and warm :D
    You don't often get $28 from the bank for nothing
  • jayne2007/06/09 20:23:41
    You don't often get $28 from the bank for nothing

    yeah! Have we slipped into a parallell universe or something??? :eek:
  • nod2007/06/09 20:42:49
    LOL not sure but I hope we stay here... I like it :)
  • admin2007/06/10 02:51:21
    Hmmm - I lie. I had a look and I dont know what I was thinking of but it wasnt ANZ. Maybe St George.

    There are plenty of credit card offers - they all love to give you money for applying but not that many banks.
  • nod2007/06/14 00:21:55
    You lied :D

    And sorry this isn't expired but is now actually $40!
  • Brad2007/06/14 13:35:09
    Thats very groovy. I haven't got one yet, so now must be the time!! $40 for nothing is good. Especially from a bank!
  • admin2007/06/14 16:31:32
    $40 for nothing from a bank is an opportunity too good to miss.
  • 01802007/07/04 16:04:53
    sign up an account using the link provided.
    wondering how the cashback works??
  • admin2007/07/04 17:42:07
    you basically just do what you've already done 0180. So long as you were logged in when you clicked through, your unique id gets passed over. That identifies the transaction as belonging to you. Once Bankwest have opened the account they report back to us that you've got $40 pending, and you'll be able to see that under 'My Earnings'. Once the bank confirms it and pays us the money, we pay it back out to you. All you need to do is specify a paypal address under 'My Settings' - thats it.

    Pretty simple really.
  • nod2007/07/06 15:06:53
    And there certainly our a load of Buckscoop members taking up the offer :D
  • wheadle2007/07/06 15:24:41

    Got mine
  • Brad2007/07/10 16:22:50
    :eek: It hit 100 degrees! :cool:
  • admin2007/07/10 16:51:46
    it has too...... nice one.
  • nod2007/07/10 21:47:22
    Just goes to show that it is a very good deal :D
  • 01802007/07/17 11:49:16
    I've my account on for 2 weeks, still can't see my cashback!
    Something Wrong!!!
  • nod2007/07/17 16:47:20
    Hey 0180
    It appears that Bankwest are taking about 3 weeks to validate the accounts - sometimes more. Send me a ticket enquiry and I will look into it :)
  • jayne2007/07/20 00:14:08
    From the BuckScoop front page, I sorted all deals by temperature, and this came up as the second hottest thread on the forum (only 2 degrees behind the Virgin sims deal). :D
  • admin2007/07/20 00:25:50
    yea - its seen a lot of traffic and interest this one. Quite rightly... its a nice little deal.
  • Wally2007/07/23 00:49:17
    Is this promo still active as of 23 July 07 ?
  • nod2007/07/23 00:57:41
    Sure is
    it is on going :)
  • nod2007/07/23 00:58:05
    Forgot to say Welcome to Buckscoop Wally :flowers:
  • jayne2007/07/23 01:43:21
    Welcome to BuckScoop Wally!!! Love the avatar.

    Good to see you posting :)
  • 01802007/07/23 18:16:13
    Will the $40 goes into my paypal or my bank account??
  • jayne2007/07/23 18:19:36
    Will the $40 goes into my paypal or my bank account??

    The BuckScoop cashback goes to your paypal account :)
  • 01802007/07/31 12:30:00
    I've got $40 in 'My earnings'. Wanna know how can l transfer to my paypal account??
  • nod2007/07/31 16:29:13
    Hey 0180,
    Usually at the end of the month we are sent the cashback from the merchants - when then make payments into the members Paypal account.
    Some merchants take 2-3 months to forward the money to us. At this stage we have not received the actual cash from Bankwest but your transaction has been verified and approved.

    There is more info for you here
  • admin2007/07/31 16:56:44
    just a bit more on that 0180.

    We do our payout run once a month at the end of the month. So July's is not far off being done. To be included in the months run you need to make sure you have a paypal account setup in 'My Earnings' and you need to have earnings greater than 'Min Payout'. We let you set the min payout threshold and dont care how low you set it. We'll pay you out 1 cent if that what you want.

    From your record you'll be paid out end of August.
  • jayne2007/07/31 18:30:11
    I've got $40 in 'My earnings'. Wanna know how can l transfer to my paypal account??

    $40 for doing not very much is sweet!!!
  • morgaine2007/09/01 08:29:42
    Hi everybody! I've just joined here a few hours ago and already made a deal on this one.
    Thanks to Brad for posting.
  • jayne2007/09/01 08:33:23
    Welcome to the forums morgaine, great to see you posting!! :D

    P.S. Nice avvy!!
  • admin2007/09/01 08:36:34
    Glad you found something you wanted morgaine.
  • admin2007/09/01 08:39:01
    ahhhh damn - you know what - this deal has expired. Bankwest ended the programme early this week. The deal would have been showing cashback none when you clicked through earlier morgaine. I'll have a word with Nod later see if there is anything we can do.
  • nod2007/09/01 16:29:43
    Nope they just sent us an email to say that it is back on track :w00t:
    Not sure what the problem was but it was down for a short while and now it is live again!
    So Morgaine, your deal is fine. :)

    A big Welcome to Buckscoop from me too :flowers:
    And awesome to see you posting in the forum
  • admin2007/09/01 17:50:45
    huh ?? I wish they'd make their minds up. Dodo's.
  • admin2007/09/01 18:01:35
    I cant see where that is Nod. Anyone thinking of joining up - just hold off for a bit till we sort the confusion out.
  • 01802007/09/01 18:16:07
    I have being waiting for months for the cashback!! Anyone received their $40??
  • Brad2007/09/01 18:23:56
    I suggest you submit an earnings enquiry 0180.
  • admin2007/09/01 18:50:49
    0180 - as we've said, this process takes a while - and its nothing to do with us.

    So you signed up 26th June and that transaction was validated 29th June. In this case thats nice and fast but that process can take ages with some merchants.

    There is then 60 day payment terms imposed on us by the intermediary. So from the month in which the transaction was validated we end up waiting another 60 days before we get paid your cashback. I continually bristle at this and it annoys me that the intermediary sits on the cash.

    So that means that your transaction is now through the 60 day period and we should have the cash. All thats waiting to happen is for me to go through and do a payments run, which happens at the end of every month (ie I need to get to it today or tomorrow).

    You've got you paypal address set so you're $40 and anything else of yours we've received will be paid out in the next day or so.
  • nod2007/09/01 22:32:00
    We will expire this deal as of today. Despite emails the Bankwest Telenet account does not appear in the network
  • morgaine2007/09/02 08:06:32
    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I'm very glad to find this wonderful site.

    Cashback or no, I would have opened a Telenet account with Bankwest anyway. All the same, thanks for taking the time and effort to clear things up.

  • nod2007/09/02 16:54:38
    No probs Morgaine.
    What I would suggest, is wait 2-3 weeks and if your cashback is not appearing in your earnings then submit a ticket enquiry and I will chase it up for you.

    And 0180 just go head and submit an enquiry and I will take it from there. It is possible there was a problem with the tracking. :)
  • admin2007/09/03 00:32:31
    :) - nod didnt read my post 0180. The moolah is there, its due to be received and you'll see payment in a day or so.
  • nod2007/09/03 19:43:51
    sorry :o

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