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OO.com.au - Nylon Spinning Duster + Multi-Surface Spray - Just $3.95 Delivered (with $5 voucher + Pa

Posted By: Brad, posted 2008/12/27 19:49
OO currently have these Go-Duster clones for $8.95 and free shipping when you pay with Paypal before midnight sunday.

Use your $5 voucher to get it for just $3.95 delivered with 'bonus multi-surface spray'.
And if that's not enough, there's cashback and velocity points to add to that as well.
Expiry date:2008/12/28
  • labgirl2008/12/27 21:06:10
    nice find:xmas9:
  • excite2008/12/28 09:49:55
    Is it really useful?
  • maurterr2008/12/28 11:46:29
    Hi, I'm only new to this site. Can someone tell me how to get the $5 voucer, please
  • lilpretzel2008/12/28 11:53:32
    Hi maurterr, Welcome to Buckscoop.

    Please check your PM

  • maurterr2008/12/28 12:10:29
    Thank you so much, I have now completed my order. Great deal.
  • Grinner2008/12/28 12:22:23
    Looks great! I've ordered one, Thanks for this find.
  • rickb2008/12/28 12:50:45
    Can I get a $5 voucher please :)
  • Brad2008/12/28 16:03:49
    Is it really useful?

    Not sure.. You'd think it would just blow the dust back up into the air! :D
  • voteoften2008/12/28 16:37:20
    I got some free awhile back. I have thrown them all away. That's just me though. Some folks may like them...........
  • Grinner2009/01/05 11:29:00
    Haha my duster arrived and yes, it just blows the dust up into the air and lands on the floor or something else. Oh well, was only $4
  • admin2009/01/05 11:36:29
    :) what you need now is a massive big suction fan with industrial dust filter on it.

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