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OO.com.au - Digital Photo Frame Watch $19.95

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Posted By: NoosieB, posted 2009/05/12 13:02
This is a great one for the kids. What child doesn't love looking at pictures of themselves!? The Digital Photo Frame Watch is 3.8cm, has a colour display and comes in 3 colours - blue, pink or red.

It can store up to 50 photos, but that will depend on the format and image size, and you can either look at the photos as a slide show or go through them manually.

This is a daily slam dunk, which means it finishes tomorrow, 12 noon AEST.

dunno what's going on here, but the OO site says this watch is $39.95
- fishmonkey

hey, the price on the OO site has changed back to $19.95...
- fishmonkey
Expiry date:2009/05/13
  • fishmonkey2009/05/13 00:53:59
    OO site says it's $39.95, not $19.95
  • NoosieB2009/05/13 01:22:27
    I could swear it was $19.95. I remember specifically checking at the time, which made me think it was a good deal for a kid's pressie. Have even checked the email which has changed to $39.95. It's a conspiracy! (surely I didn't get it wrong!) Will change the price in the deal. Thanks for the heads up fishmonkey.
  • blondieo2009/05/13 09:49:42
    Looks pretty cool actually, (but the title still says $19.95 im confused!) :confused:
  • fishmonkey2009/05/13 09:52:38
    hey NoosieB, now the OO site has changed back to $19.95...

    maybe you haven't lost your marbles yet!
  • NoosieB2009/05/13 09:59:52
    OK, I have no idea what is happening here. Sorry blondieo about the confusion, but I have rechecked and fishmonkey is right, it has gone back to $19.95. As I write this, there is only 2 hours to go, so get in quick if you want to grab it at $19.95, before OO.com.au changes it back again. I was second guessing myself, so glad to know I haven't lost those marbles! Phew. :)
  • blondieo2009/05/13 10:06:24
    Silly OO!! :p
  • fishmonkey2009/05/13 22:45:41
    back to $39.95 now...

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