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OO.com.au cashback rate up to ?% + free shipping + coupons blah blah (CBBP time)

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2007/09/29 10:31
Ok. Important bits first - CBBP mean collective buckscoop back pat.

There a big caveat over this so make sure you read this whole post.

Thanks to some stunning traffic over this month on oo.com.au and with a huge thanks to one of our regular users who looks to have traded his socks and everything else he could to buy stuff there - we've blown through the highest tier oo has. Perfect timing really. So anyway - bit of a sweetner to go with all the other bits and peices you can get out of them at the moment - free shipping, $5 discounts ...... awesome timing.

Now the caveat... This is the first time we've gone through a tier with this particular lot and we are in uncharted territory. But having said that I've read and read and read and reread the bit they have up on tiers and checked the cashback rates that people have got for transactions this month and yep... there's definately the higher rate coming through. So it looks like all those with confirmed oo.com.au transactions this month are at the ?% rate and same should apply for anyone who gets one before end of month. So anyway - go knock yourselves out, and thanks once again for the collective power.
Expiry date:2007/09/30
  • jayne2007/09/30 01:33:28
    Quite an increase, nice one guys!!!

  • nod2007/09/30 11:02:44
    A very nice increase indeed
  • elegantegotist2007/09/30 11:12:39
    Nice going y'all

  • Keeys2007/09/30 11:16:43
    ohhh I just spend $100 odd on Friday ......hmm I'm sure there is more I want, let me look hehe
  • nod2007/09/30 11:34:16
    It is like that isn't it. :)
  • jdstacey2007/09/30 12:02:59
    Nice one - 9%! I think I'll have to go have another look as well. :D
  • Brad2007/09/30 12:04:46
    Great work ;)
  • admin2007/09/30 13:52:14
    I might have been a bit pre-emptory on this ... we have confusion - and a big transaction cancellation ....... BUT anyway ........... back to the caveats .... we have transactions showing at 6% and 10% for this merchant this month. We're pretty sure we're through a few tiers but we'll need to wait until Tuesday before we can confirm what the transaction rate for the month will be. Keep an eye out.
  • Keeys2007/09/30 14:08:08
    Just curious I put in about 5 orders with these guys on Friday and wasn't expecting any of them to sho in my earnings yet but when looking I see one is but the other 4 aren't? Seems odd especially when it was the 4th order I put in lol
  • admin2007/09/30 14:26:38
    I suspect that they will pop up within the next couple of days keeys.

    The reporting process across the merchants is all over the place. Frustrating. Some things show up immediately - some take several days - some take months. I'd say that because number 4 tracked its just a matter of OO verifying something their end before the others do. But as always - if you dont see a transaction after 14 days, submit an missing earnings enquiry, with details of the transactions and we'll chase it down for you.
  • scatman002007/09/30 15:13:46
    Time to come clean :o Was an accident on my behalf, sorry guys.

    Also keeys, happened to me as well i am missing around 4 transactions (total of like $30 so not too big a deal) even though things before and after have all shown up.
  • nod2007/09/30 17:04:06
    Well guys if you have any transactions that don't seem to track just generate an earnings enquiry and I can take it from there
  • Brad2007/09/30 21:12:34
    I'm going to wait until tomorrow (last day for free shipping) before I make a purchase in case there are any cashback revelations tomorrow. ;)
  • nod2007/09/30 21:24:33
    smart boy :)
    If we all shop it can only go higher

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