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OO.com.au - BlackBerry 7130c Wireless Handheld Device NOW $198.95

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Posted By: lilpretzel, posted 2008/09/29 10:00
Is an older model but what I've read has great feedback.

BlackBerry 7130c - Tethered Modem Capabilities, Unlocked - Black with Silver: Stay organised and connected with the Blackberry 7130c

( I did have this posted until dStore but OO.com.au have come to the party and reduced there original price of $249.95 )
  • lilpretzel2008/09/29 10:07:06
    If your interest in this, I noticed that oo.com.au have it listed for [COLOR=Red]$249.95 [COLOR=Black]so don't forget that have the 120% Price Smash Policy[/COLOR] ;)
    [/COLOR]OO.COM.AU - Price SMASH policy - Seen it cheaper they will SMASH that price

    To take advantage of our 120% Price Smash Policy please send an email to [EMAIL="customerservice@oo.com.au"]customerservice@oo.com.au[/EMAIL] and advise us of the following information:[LIST]
    [*]the description and website link on the oo.com.au website of the item you are interested in,
    [*]the price, description and website link of the same item on the site that is cheaper. Please ensure the link you send us goes directly to the item in question.
    [*]If the link is only to the competitors homepage or category page please give concise instructions on how to find the item itself on their site
    [*]please advise your name, contact details (phone and email address) and postcode to where the item will be shipped[/LIST]We will respond promptly and will Smash the price, so you enjoy an even greater bargain.

  • lilpretzel2008/09/29 10:41:11
    I have now changed the MERCHANT to OO.com.au

    They have now reduced their original price of $249.95 to beat dStore ( Shipping is still a few $$ more than dStore )

    Don't forget at the moment we get [SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]7.2% cashback[/COLOR][/SIZE] :w00t:
  • queenshrew2008/09/29 10:44:37
    Oooh! Online price competition!

    The consumers win! :D

    Thanks for all the updates hehe
  • lilpretzel2008/09/29 10:47:16
    No problems.

    I would love the freedback on these Blackberry's, I'm tempted to get one. :D

    oh will it take a sim from '3' ?
  • xoithit2008/09/29 20:31:38
    No problems.

    oh will it take a sim from '3' ?

    No, it's a 2G phone so wil not take a 3 sim:D
  • lilpretzel2008/09/29 20:38:32
    Thanks for that xoithit, didn't even think of that :o

    That's why I love Buckscoop, you can always get help, oh and the cashback :D
  • port2008/10/02 12:33:32
    No, it's a 2G phone so wil not take a 3 sim:D

    In any event, 3 will only give you Blackberry services if you buy the device from them.

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