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Once: Win an iPad from next byte

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/01/29 22:03
I'm not sold on how much of an increment in technology the iPad really is. Strikes me more as just a larger iphone but without the phone part. Having said that you could still use it to call over skype or voip. I guess if you get the 3G model and grab a google number it'd work. Good for browsing and maybe as a movie player but I think they've not really thought through that its just half way between a whole bunch of other technology that has greater application.

The comp is more just an email harvest than anything else in my opinion.
Expiry date:2010/02/28
  • frogduck2010/01/29 23:01:24
    Ah, I was thinking the same thing. It just looks like a massive Ipod Touch to me hahah.
  • fishmonkey2010/01/30 20:34:22
    i can't see myself getting one, but Apple have a strange knack for making tech "desirable", and connecting the content with the gear (i.e. iTunes store, app store, iBook store)... i bet they sell a lot of them...
  • fishmonkey2010/01/31 12:34:40
    it's been quite amazing the amount of invective that the iPad has generated...

    here's a great article that sums things up nicely i think:
    The iPad's future shock | Laptop | iPhone Central | Macworld
  • frogduck2010/01/31 20:02:19
    Hmm, even after reading that article, I'm still leaning towards a netbook rather than the Ipad :)
  • jdstacey2010/01/31 21:24:23
    Ipad is a fail IMHO. Love Apple's innovation and style but they phoned this one in (no pun intended).

    No USB ports, crappy storage space (which you can't increase) and no Flash which makes 75% of website un-useable. It does look nice though, but a netbook is way better for the money.

    Hopefully they improve the next model.

    Still wont stop the apple fanboys from going crazy though.
  • fishmonkey2010/01/31 22:05:13
    from the little i know about the iPad (which isn't that much) it seems to me that Apple has deliberately designed a machine that does not compete directly with what is considered a "netbook" these days...

    in fact Apple has steadfastly avoided that particular market for years, i guess partly because they do not want to compete with all the very cheap Windows netbooks out there...

    as far as Flash goes, that is also a very deliberate stance that Apple has, evidenced also by the iPhone and iPod Touch... in the end the people actually paying for content creation don't care what technology is used to get their message across, so it will be interesting to see how things evolve...

    personally i think an internet that isn't dominated by Flash isn't such a bad thing...
  • jdstacey2010/01/31 22:13:16
    True enough. But the problem is the internet *is* dominated by Flash.

    For the iPhone and iPod Touch this was OK - they aren't predominately internet devices. But the iPad is.

    If it isn't a portable phone device (iPhone) or a portable multimedia device (iPod) or a portable internet device (netbook) - what the hell is it?? :)
  • fishmonkey2010/01/31 23:58:13
    kinda sorta... in my experience most of the Flash on the internet consists of poorly developed ads that hammer my CPU for no good reason, which i then promptly block...

    the majority of the bigger player sites that use Flash also have alternative code to deal with devices without Flash...

    Do you really need Flash for the Web? on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  • Gallifrey2010/02/04 12:16:36
  • fairybelle2010/02/04 15:04:18
    LMAO - Thats exactly what I was thinking Gallifrey when i heard the name
  • Gallifrey2010/02/04 19:28:17
    and another funny:

  • Donkey2010/02/04 19:32:59
    Very funny.....
  • eron2010/02/06 19:52:59
    I think the contest is removed? The main page only has a link to be notified when it's released. Same link as the one here I think.

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