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OLIN USB FLash 2GB $74.95

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Posted By: nod, posted 2006/11/24 04:23
The delivery charges are about $7 Sydney and about $11 Perth
So the price is still about $8-10 less than the same elsewhere - ie Olin brand.
OO.com.au also have the 512mb for $28.95 - same delivery charges - which is also a good price.
Purchase thru Buckscoop to get your cashback as an extra saving.
  • jumpingjack2006/11/24 23:47:59
    Looks good to me thanks! I can't believe how cheap these drives are getting.
  • admin2006/11/24 23:59:35
    they're pretty handy as well. I've given the 128kb one I've got a hammering. Nice when you cant be bothered hooking machines up on a network...Crucial (US site) are giving away a 256mb with purchase of 1gb memory modules (flash, ram etc) just recently. Valid until 29th Nov - see http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=240
  • admin2007/07/09 22:44:45
    Im going to expire this as I reckon there's a lot better value out there nowadays - even though its still listed at OO.
  • diider2007/07/10 00:26:29
    Very very $$$!
  • diider2007/07/10 00:27:56
    a 1 GB lg flash drive is $13 at harvey norman
  • admin2007/07/10 00:46:01
    13 bucks.... no way ... post it diider. Thats a good bargain.
  • diider2007/07/10 12:59:13
    yes way admin, ive got a few myself!

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