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Officeworks - Seagate 1TB on clearance for $98 - Joondalup (WA)

Posted By: robs, posted 2009/08/22 18:30
Wandering thru OW this morning in Joondalup (WA) & saw they had a bundle of Seagate 1TB (32Mb) drives in their clearance for $98. Retail boxed with 5yr warranty. A little cheaper than staticice.

***Picture is for illustration purposes only - Golfwidow
  • fishmonkey2009/08/22 20:58:56
    not listed on their site anywhere, sounds like a decent deal though...

    btw, thank goodness Officeworks have finally overhauled their website!
  • hayythere2009/08/24 19:21:24
    I went to Joondalup and brought one of these today (Monday). Cost $98.51. There were about 5-6 left on the shelf.

    Looks good, a little cheaper than in a computer store. Cheers Robs for telling us about this good deal.

    Just opened the box. It's a Barracuda drive too. Model number is ST31000333AS if you want to look it up. Just looked at Austin Computer, the hard drive alone costs $152. It comes in a kit from Officeworks with SATA cable, power cable, screws, booklet and CD.
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  • admin2009/08/24 19:30:47
    Thanks for the feedback hayythere. Good to know.
  • fishmonkey2009/08/24 19:48:49
    oh, the picture in this deal is of a hard drive with enclosure...

    but from hayythere's post presumably the deal is actually for a drive sans enclosure?

  • golfwidow2009/08/24 19:50:27
    That was me. Just added a pic from what I got when I searched SEAGATE on the Officeowrks website. Is it just the inside bits?
  • fishmonkey2009/08/24 19:54:48
    as it comes with a SATA cable (which is an internal connection) and screws, it must be a bare drive for mounting inside a desktop computer or external hard drive enclosure...
  • golfwidow2009/08/24 19:57:34
    Okies will swap piccies.
  • fishmonkey2009/08/24 20:07:47
    haha, the picture has changed, now your new comment in the deal is out of sync!
  • golfwidow2009/08/24 20:25:48
    Fixed it :p
  • scheps2009/09/07 14:51:12
    wish brisbane office works sold parts like that.....

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