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Officeworks - Chadstone, Melbourne Only - 48 Varta Alkaline AA Batteries $10

Posted By: craftykiwi, posted 2008/07/10 14:58
Officeworks Chadstone, Melbourne is celebrating the refurbishment of their store with a number of specials, including this one:
48 Varta High Energy AA Batteries for $10.

There were quite a few near the front desk when I picked up ours today but I guess you'll need to be quick if you want them.
Can't find a catalogue link or end date - ours was in our local paper and most likely while stocks last.
  • admin2008/07/10 17:46:54
    jeeze - thats cheap for a branded battery. I'll give you a hot crafty.
  • bigal2008/07/10 20:37:12
    I bought the 48 pack for $19 a few months ago... but I've noticed one of the pack had an early expiry date... and I've had a few battery started to leak
  • craftykiwi2008/07/10 21:20:06
    Can't see the expiry date on ours but there is a money back guarantee on both the front and back of the pack if you still have the receipt.
  • bigal2008/07/11 11:15:09
    I'll poke around the top of the fridge... seems like thats where we keep our batteries :)
  • craftykiwi2008/07/11 16:14:00
    Haven't had a problem with this brand before ourselves but hubby says he saw one of these brand batteries leaking in a brand new packet on the shelf at another store that has a high turnover - not a great advertisement but still thought it worth me buying them at this price. However, he says we need to make sure only to use them in cheaper items that need batteries just in case there is a problem.
  • craftykiwi2008/07/14 13:29:03
    Noticed at Coles the other day their Varta batteries are from Germany which may be worth noting for future purchases. Some of the cheap deals say 'Made in China' hence cheaper materials and labour and more likely to leak.
  • admin2008/07/14 17:09:05
    I always thought Varta were Spanish.

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