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Off Your Trolley - Five Cent Friday - Reduced to Clear Items at 5c each

Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2012/04/20 10:00
Rice, salt, cereal, pasta sauce, jelly, pancake shake and more all 5 cents each!

2x pasta sauce for 5cents, max order 5, 3 different flavours
I will be getting 30 pasta sauce for 75cents
The same ones were on special at coles a couple of weeks ago for $1 each

Flat rate shipping $10

Flat rate shipping was $15 for me, could differ between regions (regional NSW).
- JoshHoward
Expiry date:2012/04/20
  • sparrow2012/04/20 11:30:04
    kazyazy, what a great deal, thank you. I was doing my sums and incorporated the postage in that, and so I now realize each item cost me less than 24 cents each. Ohh, and those sauces when they had them at Coles for $1, I bought the Tuscany one and made the Tuscan meatballs recipe on the back-it was a hit with all the family including fussy kids-and best of all it was easy to make.
  • mkstalen2012/04/20 14:55:43
    missed the ardmona sauces, but got some other stuff pretty cheap :)
  • kazyazy2012/04/20 17:46:59
    I bought the napolitana sauce from coles and used it as pizza sauce, it was very nice
  • queenshrew2012/04/20 19:45:54
    Nice prices!
    Pity I was visiting my friend who just had a baby, and I didn't get to log on til too late.

    Oh well.. Still some stuff left..but the not-so-nice stuff lol.
    Not sure I want to pay $10 shipping for all those!
  • kazyazy2012/04/26 17:07:12
    My friend received hers, all the stuff is awesome... hope mine arrives soon, can't wait :)
  • kazyazy2012/05/01 09:29:42
    My 2 huge boxes arrived yesterday, I am very impressed, not one thing missing and so much food I can't fit it all in my pantry !!

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