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Nokia 6060 unlocked and delivered $139 at dStore

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Posted By: nod, posted 2007/03/19 06:41
These guys don't often have bargains but this is an exception. It is not a screaming bargain but worth a serious look if you like the Nokia 6060. Free express delivery is pretty good too. You will need to be quick
And don't forget your 5.6% cashback from Buckscoop too - makes this even sweeter
  • nod2007/03/19 22:43:53

    * Large, bright 65,536-color screen (160 x 128 pixels)
    * Multimedia messages (MMS) and SMS)
    * XHTML browser and email
    * Time management features including calendar, notes, to-do list, alarm clock
    * Expense Manager - Manage your money by keeping track of daily expenses
    * Imaging - Date & Time Screensaver, Caller ID With Image, Themes & Wallpapers
    * MP3 ring tones
  • wheadle2007/03/20 00:49:32
    With the cashback, the phone is about $134
    was looking for a review but have gone way past my bedtime so need to give up
  • nod2007/03/23 21:39:10
    Here you go with the review - they actually say some good thing about the 6060 and it is still available at dStore


    got 4 stars
  • schlemster2007/03/23 22:18:11
    that is a nice reveiw and a bargain price $134 delivered. might get one for my daughter. i like the fact that the nokias are simple to use and usually, in my experience anyway quite well made. it annoys me when you want to get a new phoen but the one you want is alwyas locked to the network you dont want. adn they want 50-80 bucks to unlock!! :mad: jeeze i think that is steep

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