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NEW! Dell XPS M1730 Notebook. Look inside for the spec. its Huge! $2899 delivered - SHOULD BE $3598

Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2007/09/27 16:23
Click though to dell and enter ecode Q541018N-web into the ecode finder boxes to get to this deal. Its listed at $2899 but for some reason you can checkout at 2678.50 and there is bucky cashback on this too. Edit: they have now altered the price to $2899 delivered.

Intel Centrino Duo Processor Technology -Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7500 (2.2GHz/ 800 FSB/ 4MB Cache)
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
2GB 667MHz dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM
160GB SATA 7200RPM Performance Hard Drive
160GB SATA 7200RPM Performance 2nd Hard Drive -free
Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities
Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT graphics with NVIDIA SLI Technology
17" UltraSharp Wide Screen WUXGA (1920x1200) display with TrueLife
9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery
Belkin Messenger Bag Fits up to 17" Screen (Colour: Black/Red)
2-year XPS Premier Service with 2-year CompleteCover
Dell Backlit Keyboard with Touchpad and 10-numeric key
And more so see site for full spec
Expiry date:2007/10/01
  • sandgroper2007/09/28 07:24:41


  • sandgroper2007/09/28 07:38:02
    I just checked the price of this in 2 other countries and its looking like they got the price wrong!
    The other Au ecode for this model is priced up at $3598

    All I can say is grab it quick if you were waiting for it to appear as it looks too cheap by around $800 to me.
  • admin2007/09/28 09:51:36
    I was thinking it looked a little cheap for the spec. The equivalent HP without the 7200 spin drives was selling for about 3.6k

    Thats a pretty good machine.
  • nod2007/09/28 09:55:53
    That really is an awesome price!!!!! I suspect we will all need to be quick if we want to pick this offer up
    A big thanks Sandy
  • admin2007/09/28 10:03:23
    here's a fairly similar spec 15" Lenovo ... Lenovo ThinkPad T61p $4699

    and a lesser spec'd Sony VAIO AR47G for $3299
  • nod2007/09/28 10:05:36
    I just popped a small addition in your title for this deal Sandy, I hope you don't mind.

    here's a fairly similar spec 15" Lenovo ... Lenovo ThinkPad T61p $4699

    That is a pretty amazing saving then
  • kearnsy2007/09/28 10:37:11
    Why not fully spec one up, for a tad under $9000

    RAIDed 64Gb Solid state!!!
  • nod2007/09/28 10:40:42
    $9000!!!!! :eek:
    You are a serious gamer then Kearnsy??

    The 3% cashback on that would actually be a very nice sweetener :)
  • kearnsy2007/09/28 10:43:40
    Not at all ;)

    I do like the solid state hard disks though. I am waiting to see the 64Gb put onto the M1330 model before purchasing though.

    Also guys it looks as though the EPP 8% discount works on this XPS model. It does not work on the M1330, so it might be an oversight on Dells part.

    If you configure the system to $3000 you get the 8% (only if you are eligible for it of course).

    The 8% discount brought my $9000 beast down $700.

    And no I am not going to purchase :)
  • admin2007/09/28 10:54:12
    Those solid state hard disk get me drooling although I reckon it'll be a while before the price is reasonable enough to justify getting one.

    Ta for the heads up on the EPP discount.
  • admin2007/09/28 13:11:57
    this must be one of the early PC adopters of backlit kepboards (or am I wrong?) - I personally still love it on my mac. It bugs me having to squint to see what keys I am trying to press.
  • natimuk2007/09/28 16:11:25
    This is an awesome deal for an XPS machine, if you ask me.

    Question: How do you get the $2678.50 price at checkout?
  • kearnsy2007/09/28 16:16:34
    This is an awesome deal for an XPS machine, if you ask me.

    Question: How do you get the $2678.50 price at checkout?

    Short answer, you cant anymore!

    Maybe the thread title should be changed... I believe Dell did some tweaking on this earlier today and the system is now the price that it had on the main page $2899. I think they have increased the warranty to a 2 yr onsite standard to make up for the difference.

    Hope this helps.

  • natimuk2007/09/28 16:54:11
    Short answer, you cant anymore!

    Still a good price considering those specs. But I'm not sure if I really want to game on a lappy!!!!

    Thanks, Damien.
  • admin2007/09/28 17:54:32
    Ta Damien - I'll leave Sandy to go check it out - he might be able to find another way around it.

    Does make me laugh - you have to be sooo quick with some of this stuff.
  • sandgroper2007/09/28 18:11:31
    Nope, $2899 is now the price you have to pay, I already tried all the coupon codes on it before I posted the deal. As said elseware only epp discount works and then you need to up the spec to $3000.
    Its still cheap though compared with other countries intro pricing.

    Still Bucky cashback will be a nice lump back on that deal:D
  • admin2007/09/28 18:56:50
    Cashback will be in the region of $73 or so.
  • jayne2007/09/28 21:51:52
    Shame it's gone up in price a little bit, you gotta nab those bargains fast!!!

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