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Netgear ReadyNAS Duo 500Gb Network Storage

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Posted By: wfdTamar, posted 2009/01/09 12:08
This has been online for a while but I haven't seen it posted on here. Some Dick Smith stores may have it for this price if they have stock (I got one that way). Shipping from the site is very reasonable (eg $12 to Tas).

This model comes with one 500Gb drive and space for another.

More than just an external hard drive - a NAS (network attached storage) attaches to your router by ethernet and has a myriad of functions:
Sharing files & and a printer to multiple computers (Mac & Windows).
Backing up computers on the network.
Central iTunes and other media.
Bittorrent straight onto the NAS (don't need a computer on).
External drives and USB sticks can connect to the NAS and transfer data.
2 drives to mirror data in case of drive death.

There are other things too.



Quite a few of these around, this is one of the cheaper/more versatile ones. Great if you are a multi computer household/office.
  • wfdTamar2009/01/11 15:59:45
    Forgot to say that RRP is over $600, usual price is $499.
  • fishmonkey2009/01/11 16:32:46
    decent performance too, unlike most cheap NAS boxes...

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