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NetComm V100 + Panasonic Digital Cordless Phone - $9.95 @ MyNetFone + $10 call credits

Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/09/13 22:28
You get free express delivery too.

So you're getting the phone and adapter for $9.95 plus a bonus $10 in MyNetFone call credits to get you started!
The bonus Panasonic KX-TG1811ALS Digital Cordless Phone is free when you join either MyNetFone's MegaSaver, GlobalSaver or JumboSaver service plans.
  • jayne2007/09/14 17:31:02
    Getting hot with no comments :) Thanks for the post Braddo!
  • admin2007/09/15 15:27:19
    the phone itself is worth $54. Nice find brad.
  • nod2007/09/16 01:04:36
    Awesome price to pay for the phone
  • admin2007/09/16 11:47:03
    I quite like these panasonic phones. Smart units.
  • nod2007/09/16 12:57:29
    Even if you did not want the netfone you could pick up this offer just for the phone and still be miles ahead
  • wheadle2007/10/20 21:20:45
    new whirlpool offers out but nothing as good as this one Braddo
  • wheadle2007/10/20 21:21:37
  • ozpete2007/10/20 22:04:40
    Actually the whirlpool deals are better - see wheadie's link

    Why - when this one is cheaper

    well its because this deal is limited to only the MegaSaver, GlobalSaver or JumboSaver service plans. These plans require a monthly payment of $10, whereas the whirlpool saver plan has no monthly fee, so you pay more over time.

    Wheadie, you may wish to set the whirlpool deal up on it's own.
  • lilpretzel2007/10/20 22:29:17
    I'm looking into going VOIP so ozpete is this the best deal - https://www.mynetfone.com.au/shop/voip-device/v100-sept1

  • ozpete2007/10/21 07:15:13
    I'm looking into going VOIP so ozpete is this the best deal - https://www.mynetfone.com.au/shop/voip-device/v100-sept1


    Nope - but 'maybe" depending on your call pattern

    Wheadies link for the same unit is better - this is direct link to mynetfone whirlpool offer



    It allows you to set up your account via the offer at whirlpool where Mynetfone offer whirlpool members AND "friends" or family a special deal. If you want to join whirlpool - which is NOT required its here (free to join if you want) ([url]www.whirlpool.net.au[/url])

    In effect the deal is the same as MNF's megasaver plan without the monthly fee and the 100 free calls each month. While the 100 free calls a month saves you the $10 monthly fee, with the Whirlpool plan you only pay for the calls made.

    The only other no monthly fee plan - Supersaver, costs 12.5 a call vs 10c and you don't get a standard (PSTN) number that others with ordinary phones can ring. Handy for select people to know.**

    Now the "Maybe". If you really know you will make the 100 calls each month - or close to it, then go with the original post - that with the free mobile phone handset , that is if you can use and value the handset.

    Now the caveat - to help expectations. In my case MNF quality has got better over time. earlier on it wasn't always good enough. although in those instances i just called the person again and it got better. (at 10c a call it wasnt a big deal). I also used to ask the other party how the quality was. Now I don't and no one comments. The savings has been tremendous and I dont think twice about calling like I did before.

    ** you can select your MNF number. For example if your pensioner parents live in Sydney and you are in Melbourne, this could be an 02 sydney exchange number. If they call they only have to dial a local number.

    In my case I have a second MNF number set up like this for my Sydney friends to call (I live outside Sydney local call area)
  • port2007/10/21 08:22:02
    Couple of points:

    The Whirlpool site is forums.whirlpool.net.au

    On the WhirlpoolSaver plan, you can't choose the DID - you can only choose the region in which the Free DID will be allocated.
  • admin2007/10/21 16:23:22
    Ta you guys - VOIP definately is the way to go. I use it constantly for OS calls off the mobile.

    Port DID means ?
  • nod2007/10/21 16:37:47
    Many thanks guys for the info - can be hard to compare some of these plans.
    Having the two MNF numbers is a really good idea Ozpete. Do they charge you for extra numbers? Or can you have a certain number for free?
  • ashley70702007/10/21 23:05:07
    If you taking this deal in order to get the Panasonic cordless, make sure you cancel service before the billing date or else they automatically charge your cc. I know coz this happened to me.
  • nod2007/10/22 00:34:20
    Hope it did not cost you too much Ashley :(
    Thanks for the warning
  • port2007/10/22 12:58:50
    A DID is a direct in-dial. Basically, the PSTN phone number that's allocated to your service (although there's all the back end gear that the provider ... provides, to service it as well).

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