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NAB - VISA Debit Card 100% FREE For Students - No Monthly Account Fees

Posted By: lisss, posted 2008/04/02 21:09
As a full-time tertiary student, you don't have to pay monthly account service fees, and you'll get unlimited use of NAB Internet Banking, NAB Telephone Banking, ATMs, EFTPOS, and branch access. Plus with an optional NAB Visa Debit you can use your own money to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted!

The only costs that apply are if you use a non NAB ATM or use the card overseas.
  • Keeys2008/04/02 22:42:18
    I'm not in the market for anything like this but sounds like a much better deal than the one we were all talking about the other day.

    I guess the bank hopes in time you'll upgrade to a credit card with them ;)
  • kingyubbo2008/04/03 00:02:56
    That is a pretty good deal. Keeys is right I think. They want you to upgrade to credit later on, so I guess after you've finished your studies, you'd be forced to do that. Only thing is NAB charge a load for using non-NAB ATMs...
  • lisss2008/04/03 00:22:54
    Yes I decided to post this deal after I saw the other one. I am a student and have a NAB Visa Debit. It costs me nothing and is very convinient for websites that dont accept paypal and only accept credit cards. There's no minimum balance either so you can have $1 with them or 1 million (I wish lol)
  • ozpete2008/04/03 07:13:29
    As I said in the other post - about the banks looking like benevolent grandparents in comparison,- this proves it (maybe only in the case of debit cards) - nice find lets hope the students find this one rather than the dopo (sorry bopo) card
  • geo782008/04/03 08:10:45
    i don't know if the offer is still valid, but if you opened an account with NAB as a student in the past, you could have asked for a free ISIC card (international student card), which give you a range of discounts (including on flights from STA travel). the normal price of that card is around $20.
    for details on the offer: http://www.nab.com.au/About_Us/0,,84821,00.html
    for details on the ISIC card: http://www.isic.org/sisp/index.htm
  • geo782008/04/03 08:15:41
    also, Westpac is offering a Mastercard debit card 100% free for students: http://www.westpac.com.au/internet/publish.nsf/content/pbtsyc%20student.

    The add-on here is that they give you a $50 Cash Bonus when you open a BT Super for Life account and reach a balance of $100. You must call within 6 months of opening your BT Super for Life account to claim your Cash Bonus.
  • yovi2008/04/03 08:19:32
    Do you have to be at least permanent resident of australia to be eligible for NAB-visa debit card? Or can international student apply to?
  • admin2008/04/03 08:34:20
    I cant see why they'd stop you yovi - so long as you had a residential address.
  • MamaK2008/04/03 09:43:23
    I think most banks offer waived fees for students, westpac also has no account fees for anyone with a health care card
  • Wally2008/04/03 13:00:22
    Or can international student apply to?

    The application process seems to allow such students to apply even before they are in the country!! :D

  • yovi2008/04/03 13:29:45
    wow..that's new to me. Great. Thanks.

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