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MyFun: MovieWorld, SeaWorld, or Wet n' Wild World Annual Pass - $99 until 31/08/2008

Posted By: leny, posted 2008/08/10 20:33
MyFun members (free membership) can buy an Annual Pass to any one of the three passes for $99 until the 31st of August 2008. This offer is only available online, as Annual Membership purchased at ticket windows costs $179.

This is something to consider for those who are likely to visit any of the parks twice or more in the next year, as the annual membership costs less than two individual ticket entries.

After purchasing online, you will be issued with a single entry ticket. Scan this ticket at an entry gate and proceed to Guest Services to have an annual card issued.
Expiry date:2008/08/31
  • voteoften2008/08/10 20:46:04
    Yes Leny this is a very good deal indeed. I am very tempted to take it up, as our annual memberships expire in Oct. We leave in about 10 days for our fifth and possibly final GC trip in the past twelve months. The annual passes represent great value. You get 10% off a lot of the outlets in the parks. We each got free passes for Paradise Country, which are probably worth about $30 or so.

    The best value, in my opinion at Movie world is the Casablanca restaurant. Normally I abhor buffets, but relative to the rest of the food outlets, it is great value at about $24 for two with a discount. (That's one adult and one child). If I ate hamburgers, the hamburger meals are about $12 each. But we don;t go to Casablanca for the food. We go there because the characters come through and there are photo opps galore. Incidentally, it looks as if the pastries and some of the food are made by the exact same kitchen as the Sea World restuarant, which is also a good deal as you can get a nice seat for the waterski show.
  • leny2008/08/10 23:16:15
    Yes it is a good deal and I took it up. When I post deals, I only post those that are actually good. ie: I don't post every deal I get in my email box like some people (not that it's a bad thing) because some deals are just useless.

    I only went for about 3 hours yesterday, but I've got to say I love the Scoobydoo. :D I've also recently discovered the bumber cars, and next time I go, I'm going to go on the Superman Ride again if I dare. I think that Movieworld is the best of the parks because while it has less rides that dreamworld, those rides are much better. Sure, Dreamworld has 30 rides, but most are terrible.

    I've had a look at the map and there is no Casablance Cafe, because they must have obviously changed it around to suit whatever new is going on in the park. Where is the cafe located? I would like to visit it next time I go.
  • voteoften2008/08/10 23:52:19
    Hey Leny,
    To find the restaurant I am talking about (I was there less than a month ago, but it could be gone), just go down main street towards the big screen. Towards the end, it opens up into a piazza of sorts. Look to the right and you will see the restaurant. I thought it was called Casablanca, but I could be wrong. Both Sea World and MW only have one buffet restaurant as far as I am aware, so if you can't find it, ask someone who is sweeping (they are everywhere - esp that older guy who is tall and thin with dark hair. He is really thin and always wears a hat. He reminds me of the farmer in babe, except with hair and stubble.)

    In regards to that restaurant, check with the reception person whether any of the characters have already been in. I believe they start coming in about 30 minutes after the lunch service begins.

    The scoobydoo is great. Did you know that if there is no line, you can get off the ride and there is a door right there that takes you to the loading point. No walking around. When we went in May, we went on that ride about 8 times because my daughter kept berating me about not smiling sufficiently for the camera.

    My daughter is sometimes terrified of the water ride - it is a log ride. When we went last month I convinced her to go on it. They let us stay on for 6 times without getting off. I just kept getting wetter and wetter. Finally they made us get off because they probably thought I was getting ill from the wet and the cold.

    There is an interesting restaurant somewhat near all of theparks. It is in Upper Commera and it is called The Lost City. It is not far from the parks. I think that from Wednesday on, they have a kids club that starts at 530 or 6. It makes for a good chill out to move them kiddies on so mama can have a drink. As a matter of fact The Lost City is always a good place for those with kids (even on non kid club nights) as they can always access the free video games room and if they are up to it there is a fenced in outdoor area with a mcdonalds type of climbing aparatus.

    This would actually be a reasonable place to settle in for 60 -90 minutes if you go to one of the parks and are then going on to the outback Spectacular. It is close and will keep the kids amused. Cheap snacky foods and friendly service. In my opinion the staff at The Lost City take pride in what they do. That makes a difference.
  • voteoften2008/08/11 00:01:19
    Rick’s Café Americain and Rick’s Bar (Map Ref- J5) *HALAL Certified
    Relive the magic of Casablanca at Rick’s Café Americain, where the dining choices form our International buffet and recall those famous scenes between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

    Included on the International ‘All You Can Eat Buffet’ is Soup of the Day, garden fresh salads and dressings, a selection of hot dishes, including pasta, dishes from Asia, seasonal fruit platters and a delicious selection of desserts. Children are welcome and priced at $9.95 per person for 3-13yrs inclusive and Rick’s Café Americain is fully licensed.

    Stuffed up on the name, sorry. It is Rick's. Looks like they have changed their kid pricing as well. $10 a head. That's a $5 rise for me. Doesn't give the adult price. Guess they must have gone up after we left last month because I am sure it was about $25 with the 10% discount. Might be $35 then with a discount for a kid and parent.
  • voteoften2008/08/11 00:06:48
    When considering a stay at sea world resort, think about whether you want a dolphin experience. I paid $100 for my 5yo to spend about 40 minutes with a group and about half that time was interacting, It was well worth it. Got magnificent photos. If you are an adult and want to interact, I think it costs heaps more than $100.

    If you stay at Sea World they have a program at 8am where you get to feed the dolphins, etc for $45/$25. If you were going to do some dolphin thing anyway, you might want to think about staying at sea world. The savings on the dolphin program might pay for it. We will be staying at sea world 3 of our 8 nights this time around. I am going to try to book for each of those 3 mornings. Why not? only go around once and the kid loves it.
  • leny2008/08/11 10:54:46
    Thanks for the tips voteoften! I never knew about the Scooby doo shortcut, but I'm wondering, is it right where you get off, or would you go right instead of left when walking out and into the shop through the tunnel? By the way I can't believe you went six times on the log ride! (That is, if you are talking about Wild West Falls, because that one is quite a thrill, but the Looney Tunes one is mild. :D)

    Yes I've seen Rick's cafe, the buffet restaurant when I went in, and I'll have to try it out next time I visit if you say it's good. The Upper coomera restaurant also sounds good so I'll have to see if we can get the family out there (We live in Brisbane).

    I went to seaworld one, and I wasn't too impressed, but I missed out on going on most of the rides. Sure, they are good and there are no lines, but it's all animals and I really prefer the thrills over animals. Though the pirate ship swing is great. I haven't thought about staying at the Sea World Resort, but might visit it in the future sometime (because we live too close to the parks to buy accommodation). When I go to sea world next, I must go on the monoral and the cable cars.
  • voteoften2008/08/11 11:43:12
    Yes, the door is to the right. If it is quiet/slow enough, the person who gets you off the ride will point it out.

    Yes, it was Wild West falls that we went around 6 times. There are actually a couple of exit shortcuts on that ride similar to the scoobydoo ride (try the "no entry" doors andgates), but we just stayed on. It was very cold! The Looney Tunes ride is very soul destroying. I have been on that one sooooooo many times, but they won't let you just stay on the boat or skip the before "show". My daughter loves it because the show/talk allows for some audience particpation and she loves to ham it up. If she were 8 or 9, I would just sit down outside and let her keep doing it by herself again and again, but it is a dark ride with several dimly lit areas and she is only 5. It is adults and older kids I am worried about. It is the 1 in 10million chance that someone would hurt her. Yes, my daughter loves the Pirate ship ride at sea world as well. She has also conquered her fear about the roller coaster in Nicolodeon at Dream world. I pointed out some kids who were about her size who were going on it.

    I can't go on the scary adult rides as I have her with me all the time and we are a pair, not a three or foursome.
  • queenshrew2008/08/11 16:33:58
    Aww I really wanted to buy..but can't.
    They say you need to validate within 30 days of purchase, so you have to be physically in Brisbane/Gold Coast or plan to go there soon. Oh well..hopefully they have a similar deal next year :D
  • leny2008/08/27 18:27:44
    Not much time left now.

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