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Myer - iPod touch for $210 (using gift card bonus & after voucher)

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/12/16 19:56
Buy an 8GB iPod touch for $258, and get a $25 shopping voucher. Effectively the iPod will cost you $233. If you'd got some gift cards last week with the 10% bonus (ie get $100 gift cards, get $10 extra) then it would have cost $235 (to get $258 worth of vouchers) and then take away the $25 bonus it would have eneded up costing $210. Hindsight, eh?

*update* - the 10% bonus on gift cards is back on for a day - so buy some gift cards tomorrow and use them to pay for the touch... and you'll end up paying $210 for it....
Expiry date:2010/12/24
  • wfdTamar2010/12/24 10:23:32
    I've lost track of iPod development. The iPod Touch on the Apple site says it's new, but I can't tell how old that is. Is this iPod (at Myer) the one on Apples site?

    It's OK, looked it up on Wikipedia. This is the 4th generation released Sep 2010. Easiest way to pick it over the 3rd generation - 4th has a camera facing you at the top.

  • ninkasi2010/12/24 15:02:19
    Yep. Latest one. Gotta say that it's fairly impressive.... if I was getting one for myself I'd go the (way more expensive) 32Gb or even 64Gb version. My daughter's one (an 8Gb - what can I say... her dad loves her, but there are limits... ) is amazingly thin and the screen really clear...

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