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Mundial kitchen shears $10 from King Of Knives - back on again. Now at $9 not $10

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/09/11 19:15

This is a bargain for something I reckon is a compulsory kitchen tool. I've had a pair of these for about 15 years that I've abused and abused. After all that they still cut just as well as they did when I bought them and there's no wobblyness in the brackets where they join.
Expiry date:2011/11/27
  • spodosaurus2010/09/11 19:17:34
    These are nice. We got a pair last time they did this deal and we ordered another pair this time.
  • Donkey2010/09/11 19:33:29
    I amazed at how well they last. I keep waiting to break them but its not happened yet.
  • voteoften2010/09/12 18:32:40
    Thanks for the heads up. I bought a pair in store for 10 bucks at their last sale. I bought 3 pairs online last night to make the $10 postage viable. I am a stckler for keeping the kitchen free of cross contamintion and I can see where I might use 4 pairs in one dishwasher load. Not often, but at this price, these quality shears are so worth it.

    These are excellent for trimming chicken. I love how they come apart so they can get 100% clean.
  • Donkey2010/09/13 16:49:18
    I tried to find a free shipping voucher code for them but didnt have any luck. Only found this

    "AANT members can save 10% off all regular priced items at King of Knives simply by showing your AANT membership card."
  • nod2010/09/13 23:42:56
    10 bucks for these is awesome. Love the pair I have and I agree that they seem to never get blunt. I would love another pair
  • betaman2010/09/14 18:35:32
    How much did they cost 15 years ago?
  • Donkey2010/09/14 19:18:20
    Given that I have trouble remembering my own name week to week I'd have to hazard a guess that I paid $25 for them......
  • betaman2010/09/14 20:34:58
    $25 15 years ago is probably equivalent to $40 today. I wonder if quality is the same.

    Anyway I got 2 pairs today. Can't lose with 10 bucks. :)
  • Donkey2010/09/14 20:41:45
    They dont look to have changed anything about the design but I guess the metal composition could have been varied. They put a really fine serration on one of the blades which seems to help keep the cutting edge. The other is angled but I've never actually sharpened it.

    $25 is an absolute guess betaman - I honestly cant remember. I generally avoid buying Mundial as I dont like the design of their knives and the steel they use but I'd buy these again in a flash. I even rate them compared to other commercial versions from other manufacturers I've used.
  • dammit2010/09/15 07:28:25
    Can I get this deal in store or only online??
  • betaman2010/09/15 11:30:58
    You can get them in store. My local store (Miranda NSW) has plenty.
  • Donkey2010/11/18 19:39:32
    Not sure whether they ever stopped selling them at $10 a pop but if they did then its back on again Saturday 20th Nov instore along with a few more bits and peices.

  • Donkey2011/09/01 17:59:09
    This one is back on again
  • Donkey2011/11/23 19:18:11
    And back on yet again - until the 27th Nov. The promo says they are on sale at $9 but when I look they are still listed at $19.95 so it may not be going to start until tomorrow.

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