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Multi-media Stereo Headset & Microphone - Ideal for Skype + Bonus $5 Call Credit Just $12.95

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Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2007/04/08 02:03
Price dropped in the sale, SALE PRICE : $12.95 Was $14.95

This Headset with Microphone offers superb sound and reliability. Suitable for use for PC interactive gaming or internet voice chats, this headset will provide you with crystal-clear sound. Best of all, this headset is compatible with SKYPE and other VOIP [Voice over IP] programmes. The wide, cushioned headband helps reduce pressure and increases comfort - enjoy easy listening for hours on end.

As a special offer $5 Call Credit is included!! When you purchase this phone you receive a MyNetFone soft phone user account with $5 call credit, plus a welcome guide and a myNetFone soft phone user guide.
  • sandgroper2007/04/08 17:04:48
  • nod2007/06/12 19:47:51
    free delivery on this now too!
  • sandgroper2007/06/12 20:01:13
    And a price drop, now down to $12.95!!

    I have edited the first post to reflect the new price.
  • nod2007/06/12 20:03:24
    Just edited the deal for you Sandgroper
    thanks for letting us know
  • Brad2007/06/12 20:05:36
    I have a pair of these, they work well and come with 12 month warranty. BUT don't fall into the trap that I did, the microphone is built into the volume control piece, so you basically have to hold it up to your face while talking which become very annoying. Read about MyNetFone here.
  • nod2007/06/12 20:06:34
    You have to hold the microphone all the time?
  • Brad2007/06/12 20:09:31
    For it to pick up the sound, yes you do. :(
  • Brad2007/06/12 20:10:09
    When I purchased a while ago I assumed it would have one on the side.
  • nod2007/06/14 00:25:17
    That is such a stupid idea? Why would you want a headset where you have to hold the mic all the time?

    Do you think that is a design fault or were they broken when you got them Brad?
  • Brad2007/06/14 13:35:43
    It was just misleading - I thought I was purchasing with a 'microphone' so I assumed that it would be on the side, not built into the volume control. :rolleyes:

    Was that also your initial thought about it?
  • nod2007/06/14 16:31:56
    What a stupid design. They need to shorten the wire a bit don't they and then maybe the mic would be better.
    You could tie a few knots in it I suppose :)

    Thanks for the explanation

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