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MSY notebook sale - Check this thread for what seems to be a bargain

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/01/07 22:45
MSY are having a notebook sale over the next couple of days and if your near one of the stores and needing a laptop its probably worth a look.

Was just trolling the prices and they've got the ASUS EeePC N270 (ASUS Eee PC 1000HA) listed for $379 - which is a blinder of a price.

Will pick out what else is good out of the sale and list it up in this thread. Have linked the PDF off this deal is your wanting to take a look.
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  • Donkey2010/01/07 22:48:33
    Ok - the ASUS EeePC 1000HA at $379 is a very good price. Its otherwise selling for around $430 plus. Specs N270/1GB/160GB/10”/XPHome.
  • Donkey2010/01/07 22:53:15
    The Fujitsu A1120B P8700 is priced well for the spec at $1149. The equivalent lifebooks start around $1500. Its only a small drop in price from MSY though as the regular price they show for it is $1169.
  • Donkey2010/01/07 22:57:18
    I personally dont reckon the MSI EX620 P8600/2GB/320GB/16”/DVDRW/CAM/Win7H is a particularly good buy. Your paying $200 + for the P8600 chip - and I personally dont see a lot to be gained through higher spec chips unless your pushing the hell out of them in which case this isnt the laptop you'd be buying anyway.
  • Donkey2010/01/07 23:00:19
    The Lenovo G550L-29585DM is about $100 cheaper than elsewhere. (spec - T4300/3GB/320GB/DVDRW/15.6”/Win7HPremium)

    The Lenovo G550-295836M T6500/3GB/250GB/15.6”/CAM/DVDRW/XPPro+VBus - I probably wouldnt bother with price wise. Its only about $50 cheaper than elsewhere.

    The Lenovo G550L-29589HM T6600/3GB/320GB/15.6”/CAM/DVDRW/XPPro+Win7Pro - is a good price at $769 - particularly as it comes bundled with Win7 Pro. The XP Pro versions are selling at $950 or so.
  • Donkey2010/01/07 23:10:59
    I should add at this point that when I talk of a good price its good relative to the same machine at other retailers. Whether the price is good for the specification is a whole different story.
  • Donkey2010/01/07 23:24:19
    Probably wouldnt bother with the Asus EeePC 1101HA Z520/1GB/160GB/11.6”/CAM/BT/XPHome. Its only marginally cheaper than elsewhere and personally - 11.6" screens are half way between something really portable - like the 9" and something really functional like the 13.4".

    The Asus EeePC Touch Screen Tablet T91 Z520/1GB/160GB/8.9”/XPHome at $499 is a good price considering that it came out at around $1000 not that long ago but you can get it for around the same price from places other than MSY.

    Good price on the Asus F50Z-6X058C Q62/2GB/320GB/16”/DVDRW/CAM/VHP at $659 although its only about a $40 drop off the normal MSY price for the same machine. You can go a win 7 pro upgrade on it for $35. Priced at about $800 upwards elsewhere.

    I dont think the Asus F6VE-3P040C is a good buy just on the spec of the machine for the price. Better value elsewhere. Better value in the Asus UL30A-QX131V but at $1259 from MSY its only a $40 drop off their normal price for the same machine and you can get it for the same price elsewhere.
  • Donkey2010/01/07 23:46:29
    The Asus X50GL-AP301C Cel560/1GB/250GB/15.4“/DVDRW/VHP at $499 is a good relative price for the machine but its a pretty crappy spec. Something you'd buy for the kids to trash or watch dvd's on if you didnt want to get a Eee PC

    The Toshiba Sat Pro L300 - T6670/2GB/250GB/DVDRW/15.4”/VBS + XPPro is only a drop of $20 off the normal MSY price and a little better than market. You'd probably be better off buying the same machine with the T4200 chip in it for a saving of about $50.
  • Donkey2010/01/07 23:54:27
    The HP 4310S-VT213PA - T6570/2GB/250GB/DVDRW/13.3”/XPPro + Win7Pro is only $20 cheaper than normal MSY price and about $50 better than market so I'd not be rushing out to buy it.
  • ninkasi2010/01/09 17:59:46
    Of them all, I think the G550L - 29585DM is the better buy unless you need the "pro" o/s. I was going to get the higher spec G550L - 29589HM, but before getting it I searched through the computer shops in the city and managed to find a one-off high spec Lenovo T600 that someone had ordered but no longer wanted. Web price would have been just under $3k and they were selling it for $1k and I got it for $800..... sometimes it's worth a bit of a search and you can always be lucky... ;-)
  • Donkey2010/01/09 20:04:25
    nice bargain ninkasi.
  • ninkasi2010/01/09 20:33:17
    ...searched through the computer shops in the city...

    For what it's worth, the place I found my laptop was Metro PC in Melbourne - near JB HiFi. Don't have a huge range of stuff, but friendly and generally know their stuff. They usually have a range of discounted laptops in their front window - ones on the left are new, ones on the right are second hand.

    On a related subject, I also get kit from MSY and like to go to their new shop in Cheltenham as it's not as well known (so not as busy) and the people who work there seem a little happier than, say, at Clayton.


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