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Motorola W156 - Crazy John's Prepaid plus $49 bonus credit - $39

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Posted By: sab988, posted 2008/01/22 03:41
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Product Overview
* One-time bonus prepaid credit of $49 applies once you have recharged your account by $30 or more.

This handset is locked to the Crazy John's network. You may unlock the handset by visiting a Crazy John's store or by calling us on 1300 303 646 (charges may apply).
  • nod2008/01/22 21:37:25
    It is actually hard to find anything about this phone anywhere else :eek:
    It appears to be a basic low end phone. Which is good for the price

    Do you use Crazy John Sab? What are the tariffs like?
  • sab9882008/01/22 21:41:35
    Call connect fee (standard voice & video) 27c
    Standard call rate (per 30 seconds) 37c
    Standard SMS 25c
    International SMS 35c
    MMS 50c
    Video MMS 75c
    Video Call Rate (per 30 seconds) 50c
    Casual internet browsing (GPRS)+ 0.2c per KB

    + GPRS - 0.2c per KB (Minimum 5KB charged per session)
  • sab9882008/01/22 21:44:04

    http://www.crazyjohns.com.au/media/380831/discount-sms.gif http://www.crazyjohns.com.au/media/380836/discount-or.gif http://www.crazyjohns.com.au/media/380841/discount-crazy.gif
    ½ Price SMS to any mobile number in Australia^
    ½ Price calls to other mobiles on the Crazy John’s network^
    ½ Price calls to any fixed landline within Australia^
    ½ Price calls to 5 selected mobiles or fixed numbers within Australia^
  • sab9882008/01/22 21:45:38
    http://www.crazyjohns.com.au/media/380836/discount-or.gifhttp://www.crazyjohns.com.au/media/380846/discount-fixed.gif http://www.crazyjohns.com.au/media/380836/discount-or.gif http://www.crazyjohns.com.au/media/380851/discount-family.gif
  • nod2008/01/22 21:56:14
    Their connection fee is pretty high :eek:
  • Mikes2008/01/23 20:31:03
    Their connection fee is pretty high :eek:

    Maybe they're not the crazy ones, only those who take up the offer...:D
  • nod2008/01/23 20:34:38
    Good point :D

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