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MORE PP offers! $5 CASH from EzyDVD when you spend $30

Posted By: wheadle, posted 2007/12/04 14:50
I reckon they have been watching Buckscoop ;-)
To get your $5 spend $30 at EzyDVD, pay with Paypal before the 18th december and they will give you $5 into your PP acount
Expiry date:2007/12/18
  • Keeys2007/12/05 08:01:26
    oh I so must have known something I was going to put an order in the other day and decided to hold off glad I did now :)

    HOT from me!!
  • wheadle2007/12/05 08:04:26
    :) Glad I could help Keeys
  • jayne2007/12/05 11:33:17
    Handy paypal promo!
  • nod2007/12/05 18:56:44
    Not a bad offer. $30 on Xmas pressies, and $5 reward for you next year :D
  • jdstacey2007/12/05 19:48:31
    Not as good as dStore's offer - but it still gets some flameage from me :D

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