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Mirenesse - Your FEBRUARY Birthday Special. $19.95 for 9 items ($100)

Posted By: queenshrew, posted 2009/02/10 22:33
It's supposed to be for everyone whose birthday falls in February.

You can buy as many as you like...

I don't know what the rules are but my birthday is in February hehe

If you are a VIP member you get free shipping too!

I couldn't resist and have purchased one -- not like I need more makeup! haha :D
Expiry date:2009/02/28
  • voteoften2009/02/10 22:40:45
    It looks to me like the value is $100. Could be wrong though.....
  • queenshrew2009/02/10 22:43:15
    It's $300 value, but they normally sell for $100 as a package.. :)

    But as a birthday special, it's going for $19.95 :)

    Unless I read it wrong! But well...still happy with $100 value lol.. I'll change it to $100 to be on the safe side lol


    BTW I know they have this offer every month, but linked to a different page... Cos last year, they sent me my email late and by the time I tried to take up the offer it was no longer valid. I emailed them and they sent me the link to the March offer - which was essentially the same!
  • lisss2009/02/10 23:15:29
    Wow hot... does anyone know what is inside these? Have they had them before?
  • queenshrew2009/02/10 23:27:18
    They have a mixture of full size and sample products. Really depends on your luck :D
    I was lucky the last time and got a really nice mixture of things to try, although the end result (with all that makeup on) made me look like a drag queen hahaha. Was fun though to try all the products hehe

    Of all their products, my fave are the mascara and coloured lip glosses, I use them all the time!

    I have also joined their VIP club. The first lot they sent me was not bad...but this second lot they sent me this month was really impressive (I've been a member for 4 months now...was going to cancel but forgot to oops! But I'm happy I didn't haha). I received 4 full size items, each boxed individually.. Love them :) Whatever you don't use, you can always give away as gifts to friends. My friends love the stuff I gave them for their birthdays/christmas :D

    A note though..you don't get an extra 20% off for being a VIP when it's a special offer, but you do get free shipping :)
  • voteoften2009/02/11 10:42:39
    Queenie, please let us know what you got when you receive it. There might still be time for us to order. Thanks
  • queenshrew2009/02/11 12:45:18
    I will.. Am now waiting for my order to arrive :)
  • kjr13f2009/02/11 13:34:32
    I ordered this last week (my bday is also feb)
    I received:

    1 x Idol eye lift - delta on special at the moment $48.97
    mini size 24hr mascara
    mini size velvet lip lift
    trial size 5gm silk cleanser x 2
    trial size 5gm massage bead cleanser x 2
    trial size 5gm power ligt cleanser x 2
    trial size sachet of another skin product(not sure of the name)

    Value isnt $100.00 but for $19.95 plus postage its ok
  • voteoften2009/02/11 13:42:42
    Bought two on that basis....
  • queenshrew2009/02/12 16:48:45
    My package arrived today. It's identical to kjr13f's!

    Not bad for $19.95 (I got free postage) :)
  • lilpretzel2009/02/12 18:25:05
    If you want this offer and like me have to pay for shipping ($6.99) it's worth combining it with this offer - Bushfire Fundraiser Donation- Please pass on to your friends- $10 donation for $65 value @ Mirenesse

  • voteoften2009/02/13 12:18:06
    Did you really get your order in about 3 or 4 days queenshrew?
  • queenshrew2009/02/13 15:26:35
    Yes VO. I ordered when I posted this deal..and I received yesterday :D

    Really fast service I have to say hehe :)


    Thinking they will probably be slower now with that Bush fire appeal going. Lots of people took up that deal..they're probably spammed with orders lol :D
  • voteoften2009/03/04 21:13:12
    Anyone got a link for the March offer?

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