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Mirenesse- TODAY ONLY 4D Secret Lash Evolution Mascara only $10 + shipping

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Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2009/12/29 17:02
TODAY ONLY 4D Secret Lash Evolution Mascara is only $10 at Mirenesse
Expiry date:2009/12/30
  • golfwidow2009/12/29 20:31:54
    Was going to get one but postage was $6.90 which I think is a rort :(
  • kazyazy2009/12/29 20:38:38
    And the really bad thing is the top of the email says FREE shipping on ALL orders with a * after it... not good :( ..
  • hatoo2009/12/30 00:08:35
    Yeah i got that email too and was majorly disappointed. It says in fine print check website for details, but there aren't any details. Crappiest part was the free gifts section. It says $9.95 postage for the mascara and primer, same as the brow mascara and velvet lip lift, but when you try checking out, it adds an extra $6.80 to the postage making it $16.75 instead of the $9.95 it's supposed to be, so I think something has majorly screwed up in there systems.
  • kazyazy2009/12/30 00:13:16
    I can never find the FREE shipping details on the website it is very frustrating! I am going to email them and ask where it is!
  • hatoo2009/12/30 00:17:28
    click on the above deal and on the left hand side menu it has free trial makeup at the top.
    I suspect there will be another oops we made a mistake email from mirenesse about it tomorrow, so worth checking out again tomorrow to see if they've fixed it.
  • kazyazy2009/12/30 00:23:06
    I sent an email to them because they say free shipping on all orders way too often when it isn't true. Its not good enough. And it should be easier to find the T&Cs.
  • kazyazy2009/12/30 00:26:44
    Could this be the free shipping ? But that wouldn't be ALL orders I am so confused :(
    Or is it for the VIP club ?
  • hatoo2009/12/30 00:34:16
    I would say that's only for the VIP's. I ordered a lip gloss the other day and it went through with free shipping, so I think today it was just a 'mistake' *cough*if you can trust their so called web 'mistakes' that happen too often it seems.
  • hatoo2009/12/30 00:44:32
    I finally found their terms. If you click on shipping costs under the products, it has them there. Shipping Costs
    Today was a so called free shipping day, so I'd say have a look again tomorrow and see if they've fixed it. No doubt there will be an email about it, I'd assume.
  • kazyazy2009/12/30 01:07:23
    Thanks Hatoo it makes sense now :)

    During Free *Shipping days , Free Trial Promotional products, Weekly Surprises, and some specials marked with *SP are not included and shipping still applies.

    I think they should put the T&Cs in the email that free shipping doesn't apply to the $10 item
  • hatoo2009/12/30 16:26:53
    I see they still have the same *cough* 'errors' today and nothing fixed. Still $6.80 extra postage added to the free trial makeup.
    what a rip off!

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