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Mini Digital Photo Frame - $29.95 @ Daily Deals

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Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/07/17 04:08
Get the Mini Digital Photo Frame for $29.95 at Daily Deals.

Watch out though - 1MB memory, only 30 day warranty and it runs on batteries. Despite all of this, I posted simply because it has been on here previously for $39.95.
  • Brad2007/07/17 19:09:40
    The 'Mini Digital Photo Frame' In all it's glory...
  • nod2007/07/17 19:15:59
    The 30 day warranty is always a worry
  • Brad2007/07/17 19:24:25
    I just saw that this clock broke clock etiquette by not displaying the time 10:10 for a photo. :p
  • nod2007/07/17 19:30:21
    clock etiquette??? :confused:

    have I lived in a closet by not knowing that a clock etiquette exists? :eek:
  • Brad2007/07/17 19:39:56
    An image search of 'clock' shows that the majority of clocks pictured are at 10:10, the classic time for a new clock.
  • Brad2007/07/17 19:41:33
    Also here.
  • nod2007/07/17 19:53:02
    I have lived in a closet then

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