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Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $75 (Retails at $1,175) - STUDENTS ONLY

$75.00Get deal
Posted By: mikepspencer, posted 2007/12/17 08:07
The Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $75 offer is back by popular demand

Get Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $75 for life or $25 for 1 year

Must have a valid uni or tafe student email address from a valid institution listed on the site in order to get deal.

Contains the following office programs:
* Access 2007
* Excel® 2007
* InfoPath® 2007
* Groove 2007
* OneNote® 2007
* Outlook® 2007 with Business Contact Manager*(see Obtaining Software below)
* PowerPoint® 2007
* Publisher 2007
* Word 2007

More info at http://www.microsoft.com/australia/education/unistudentoffer/default.mspx#promotion
and http://www.itsnotcheating.com.au/
Expiry date:2008/05/15
  • admin2007/12/18 10:35:03
    Its a shame being a student of life doesnt give me a .edu email address - I could do with an update of MS.
  • bigal2007/12/18 10:48:25
    that can be easily fixed ;)

    just need to bribe someone with an *.edu email address or two :P

    now... if you can make my vote hotter I may be able to help ^_^
  • admin2007/12/18 10:57:39
    now... if you can make my vote hotter I may be able to help ^_^

    :D - I can make you all the promises I like but if I had that power you reckon I'd still have a scummy 3 degree's as my hot vote.
  • bigal2007/12/18 11:41:25
    it wasnt serious, the bribery part. otherwise i may be able to help out if you want pm me
  • elegantegotist2007/12/18 12:52:53
    Hey do you get the product sent out to you physically or is it just a huge download ? (i have slow internet).
  • lavenderpup2007/12/18 15:23:13
    its 14 for the cd i believe. :/
  • bigal2007/12/18 16:24:03
    look up the participating universities and go there on the orientation day(s) there's typically one day where everything's happening and there should be some people handing out the CD/DVD (dunno what it is)
  • dilltara2007/12/18 17:11:26
    The perks of being a student :)
  • Wally2007/12/18 18:04:10
    Darn the "University of Hardknocks" is not listed!! :prop: :thinking:
  • nod2007/12/18 18:32:26
    Darn the "University of Hardknocks" is not listed!! :prop: :thinking:

    LOL Wally....

    http://bestsmileys.com/welcome/3.gif [B][COLOR="Red"]to the Buckscoop Forum Lavenderpup and And Dilltara [/COLOR][/B]

    This is the 3rd or 4th time I have seen MS run this promo... try to keep the students away from the dirty old apples :D
  • ozpete2007/12/19 06:02:46
    Where's the deal??

    15 years ago Office was $300 and a PC cost $3000 now a PC (according to Sandgropers posts) costs about $800 so Office should be around $75. but no!!! Billy boy and his spin men now charge $1200.

    Also they tell us piracy adds to the cost - which is true as they are the pirates!! and we are the victims.

    Save the $75 and buy OpenOffice - great for students and non students - the same price for both - FREE.

    and its interface is more common rather than the tricked up interface that Office 2007 has - which for those who are used to the earlier versions of office suite, takes some getting used to.

    So OpenOffice is the real bargain,, no cheating, no lies, you can sleep at night - not fearing the RIAA thugs knocking at your door and taking away your kids - and SAVE $75. And unless you are a real POWER user of an office suite you'll hardly notice the difference. Also you read and write MS Office format files

    I thought I posted the links to Openoffice in the freebioes thread - cant see it yet. If its not there this arvo, I'll repost it. You can find open Office here - its also for Mac and Linux as well.

  • elegantegotist2007/12/19 09:03:48
    We use Openoffice at work and I cannot get used to it ! Plus it doesn't have features I like.
  • photographyisart2007/12/19 13:56:16
    aww :(
    this is a great deal but at my tafe we dont have uni / tafe emails.

    its such a shame
  • ozpete2007/12/19 15:41:44
    We use Openoffice at work and I cannot get used to it ! Plus it doesn't have features I like.

    I understand - but are you comparing it to Office 2007 or the earlier version. Frankly 2007 is in MHO a lot harder to use as it requires relearning the interface. - not broke dont fix etc...
  • Wally2007/12/19 15:45:53
    Is the integration of MS format truelly seemless in Open Office
  • ozpete2007/12/19 20:23:45
    Wally I am not sure of your definition of seamless - the download is 120mb so best way is try for yourself - it is free. Look around the openoffice site and you can see screen shots etc

    elegantegotist says they use it in his office so that indicates that there is some sort of transparency, although he feels it has other "features" missing.

    So that said the only real test is that of personal trial, it is Office like - personally I use the spreadsheet side and that is very similar for the functions I use - only thing different I don't like is that the auditing function is not as powerful (can't follow links to other worksheets) and excel returns a N/A Value if you try to add cells and one has text rather than a value. (Openoffice says text = a value of zero)

    But unless 120Mb aftects your download capability too much it's worth a look and try - you may save the $75 or even $1000+ if you aren't a student.
  • Bargrin2008/01/04 02:35:44
    got a question about this deal;

    If I download the software with one key can I put it on my Laptop and my desktop or need to download twice ?
  • trevorf2008/01/04 08:51:52
    I can't remember how many computers this licence allows you to install it on. I can only recall 1-3, but I'm pretty sure that it's a limited licence.
  • sandgroper2008/01/25 12:03:02
    This deal is still live at $75 for life or $25 for 1 year.

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