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Microsoft Life cam vx-1000 $20 SAVE $39.95!!! @ MSY

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/11/11 02:58
Just looking at the Microsoft 25% off hardware offer and found this.
Granted it is a low end webcam but it is only $20 so would make a good stocking filler :-)

So how this works is you buy the webcam for $35 from your local MSY and then microsoft will give you a rebate of $15!
  • trevorf2007/11/11 20:01:15
    I believe that the MS range are only good in very good lighting conditions. Night shots come out very noisy.
  • nod2007/11/11 20:02:38
    ah ok
    so that is all the lifecams then Trevorf?
  • nod2007/11/11 20:07:21
    any recommendations then trevorf?
  • trevorf2007/11/11 20:48:40
    You can checkout alot of commercial webcams over at http://www.cowboyfrank.net/webcams/

    I would also suggest Logitech, I have the 5000 Pro, which is pretty good, especially in low light.
  • admin2007/11/11 20:53:19
    Good information on that site trevorf - ta.

    There really is something a bit voeuristic about webcams - I find myself clicking through all his live cams at the bottom of the page to see whether anything is happening in Cowboy land - even though its 4am in the morning for him and the only thing thats likely to be happening is loud snoring.

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