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McDonalds: Cheeseburger only $1 between 12-1pm Only.

Posted By: normie, posted 2011/08/18 18:23
Go to your local McDonalds and for just $1 u can buy a Cheese Burger. Valid between 12-1pm. There is a limit of 4 per transaction.
Expiry date:2011/09/25
  • Donkey2011/08/18 19:02:22
    Anyone who can eat 4 of them deserves a medal ......
  • hayythere2011/08/24 22:23:47
    Awesome please give me a medal then.
  • Donkey2011/08/24 22:50:18

    just for you......
  • bt342011/08/25 14:26:50
    Slightly OT. They've shrunk the burgers. It's been more than 10 years since I've eaten a big mac, but I don't recall it being this small. The buns are smaller and the meat patties are smaller and thinner. :confused:
    Also bought 4 cheeseburgers, they along with the big mac were missing gherkins and onions.
    Do they still put gherkins in the burger? Or have they skimped in this area as well? :eek:
  • Donkey2011/08/25 16:24:14
    GFC burgers....
  • Rebekah762011/08/25 17:36:10
    they've also shrunk the size of their breakfast muffins (the only thing I buy really).. soon they'll have to find a supplier of smaller eggs to fit in them! I did notice my local maccas put the price of a breakkie muffin meal up to $6.95, but saw an ad on tv last night saying they are $4.95... not sure if my local is doing a dodgy, or if they've reduced the price back to what it used to be..

    getting sick of companies dropping the size of things and increasing the price - Tim Tams - remember when they used to have more in the packet??? (they produced special flavours with less in them, then left 2 tim tams out of the normal packet from then on)

    Kelloggs have made their 820gm box of Sultana Bran 730gm, but kept the price the same!!
  • Donkey2011/08/25 19:37:32
    Can anyone tell me whether this is ongoing or was it just for one day?
  • bt342011/08/25 22:01:18
    Can anyone tell me whether this is ongoing or was it just for one day?

    Don't take it for gospel, but I think it's for 40 days (in celebration of 40 years in OZ).

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